America: Adrift On A Stormy Ocean

The US employment rate takes a nosedive this month with only 54,000 new jobs, rather than the 150,000 that was expected.

Which begs the question: who expected 150,000?

Perhaps there’s a think tank somewhere composed of seriously optimistic economists. Or, maybe those employed to advise the US president on such matters just tell him what he wants to hear.

Can America truly expect a recovery from its recession, while its political leaders are behaving like schoolkids let loose in Disney World without a teacher to restrain them?

Next year sees the election of a president. Who is fit to run against the incumbent? The Republican candidates are a joke, and one of the major Democrat spokespersons is presently attempting damage limitation after an image of his private parts appeared on the internet.

America is a ship adrift without a rudder. The crew is in disarray; the officers are mutinied and running riot, each looking to advance his own position. Obama is no more than an inadequate sea-anchor, barely able to keep the ship’s bows into the storm and prevent it capsizing.

How can American business have the confidence to invest in expansion and new jobs when the nation’s leaders are so obviously all at sea?

When asked about the slow rate of recovery recently, President Obama said:

“There are always going to be bumps on the road to recovery,” also citing high fuel prices, the economic problems that followed the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, and instability in the Middle East.[1]

The truth is the president is hamstrung. Congress won’t let him spend any more money on stimulus packages. The idiot crazies of the Republican right are determined to bring this nation to its knees in order to secure their own political power.

Meanwhile, all President Obama can do is hang on to the rope, swallow another dollop of seawater, and hope divine intervention calms the political storm sometime before 2012.

[1] “US employment growth registers sharp slowdown in May” BBC, June 3rd 2011

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  1. Well if trillions of dollars had not been wasted on the “War on Terrorism” ™and Wall Street had been brought to heel and all the puppets did not have to dance to the tune of the Theocorporatocracy, things would be very different, wouldn’t they. Almost utopian compared to the sad reality of today.
    PS And they all know how bad it is, but the truth is withheld and doled out in tiny sound bytes.

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