Olympic Opener Postscript – To A Big Mouth

Possibly out to win the title, ‘Big-Mouth of the 2012 Olympics’ is the NBC commentator, Bob Costas.

First, he created a rumpus because the IOC refused to add a minute’s silence to honor the Israeli athletes who were killed at the Munich games in 1972, causing NBC to cut away from a tribute to those British people killed in the 7/7 terror attacks in London, to air a very mediocre interview with Michael Phelps.

Munich was forty years ago, for god’s sake. Just how long are we supposed to go on paying homage to people long dead and gone? Does Costas own NBC? He’s a bloody anchor, not the damn Pope!

The final straw was his near continuous, monotonous, dialogue right the way through Alex Turner and the Arctic Monkeys’ rendition of the Beatles’ song, “Come Together”.

What is it about US commentators? Do they think we’d rather hear them bleat a load of boring crap into their microphones than watch the show we’ve tuned in to? It’s the same with tennis, football, and most other sports. Okay, they have to talk a lot during an American football game, to fill in the gaps when nothing’s happening – which seems to be most of the time, but this was the Olympic opening ceremony.

I have one plea for the International Olympic Committee. Please, please, don’t award the games to any US city in the next twenty years. The opening ceremony would be a nightmare.

Instead of factory chimneys there’d be Twin Towers rising out the arena; planes diving into them; a sea of flames; gallant American heroes leaping to the rescue. No doves of peace on bicycles, but a heavenly choir of gold-winged angels on wires, reaching out to pluck the victims up to heaven – all, of course, to the strains of ‘The Star-Spangled Banner”.

All, no doubt, organized by Bob Costas and his cronies.

Psst! A word in your shell-like, Bob. You may not realize it, but the rest of the world is growing a bit tired of America’s victim mentality. We like to move on, not wallow in self-pity.

Meanwhile, Costas – SHUT THE FUCK UP!

2 Replies to “Olympic Opener Postscript – To A Big Mouth”

  1. So, so glad I deplugged from that teevee over 20 years ago and don’t have to see/listen to such utter craptastic drivel 99% of the time.

  2. I’m following my usual habit of avoiding T’Games. I’ve no appreciation of sports at all, complete blind spot for me. I did enjoy reading your wee rant though, as always RJ. LOL!

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