Olympic Hypocrisy Courtesy Of Her Britannic Majesty’s Government

The opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics in London last night was nothing if not spectacular. Among the many scenarios portrayed was a celebration of the British National Health Service.

It brought a lump to the throat of every Brit who’s ever needed medical care – and that’s most of us – knowing we could be made healthy once more without the worry of losing our house and possessions, due to huge medical bills that leave many, in certain other countries, wishing they’d just been left to die.

Unfortunately, this display of emotion for a British institution proved somewhat hypocritical on the part of the organizers. What most viewers of the opening ceremony would not be aware of was the erosion of the NHS into private (corporate) ownership by the present UK government.

Only this week, while dress rehearsals for the opening ceremony were, no doubt, under way, David Cameron and his cronies handed over Newmarket Hospital, in its entirety, to one of the biggest corporations on earth, SERCO.

The hospital is part of the community health services currently provided by Suffolk Community Healthcare, which will be formally transferred to multi-national service company Serco by the autumn in a three-year deal worth £159.9 million.

The change is in line with guidance from the Department of Health which stipulates that all primary care trusts, like NHS Suffolk, will no longer directly provide community services and will buy the services instead.”[1]

The contract is worth one hundred and sixty million pounds ($240,000,000).

This year alone, NHS contracts worth 4.5 billion pounds ($6.75 billion) have been put out to tender in the private sector by the Tory government of the UK. At that rate, the British National Health Service could cease to exist within five years.

No doubt Prime Minister Cameron and his fellow political pirates, seated in their official enclosure at the games last night during the opening ceremony, were smiling smugly in the knowledge they were viewing not a celebration of the British Health Service, but its demise.

[1] “‘Private’ hospital contract signed” Newmarket Journal, July 19th 2012

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  1. It is inevitable, RJA, with all we hold dear in the common weal held up for auction by the highest bidder.

    Healthcare should be the right of every global citizen, along with water, education and protection.

    Alas, those days are over. For now.


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