Now, Children, Would You Like To Wear Your Seat Belts, Or Not?

If there’s anyone out there left with even a vestige of belief that sanity still exists somewhere in America, let me disillusion you yet again.

Illinois is an average sort of State, not considered extremist, mainly Democrat voters. Like every other State of the Union, it enforces a seat belt law. Every adult traveling in a motor vehicle has to wear a seat belt.

Some months ago, a new school bus company won the contract to run the service in a certain Illinois town. It brought in its own fleet of buses. Many of these buses were fitted with passenger seat belts. The buses owned by the previous operator had no passenger seat belts.

When the drivers tried to enforce the wearing of seat belts on the buses, they were told by the management it was not enforceable.

Children, they were told, could decide for themselves whether or not they wished to wear a seat belt on the school bus.

Many of these children are only five and six years old.

Needless to say, no seat belts are worn by children on the school buses. The belts hang limp and useless while the kids stand on the seats, clamber over seats, or take a walk in the bus aisle. These items of safety equipment are, in reality, a hazard. They lie across the aisle and kids trip over them, or get tangled in them. They’re used as weapons to hit other kids on the bus.

In Illinois, children can decide for themselves whether to wear a seat belt on the bus, while their parents are legally obliged to belt-up.


Is there any sanity left in America?

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