Book Learning?

According to a report in today’s Independent newspaper:

A female deputy head of a special school had sex with one of her pupils four times in the toilets of the British Library, a court heard today.”[1]

The lady told police she was ‘trying to support the teenager’ who was ‘a very troubled young man’.

My God! The British Library! That surely must steal a march on the ‘Mile High Club’.

[1] “Deputy head Teresa McKenzie ‘had sex with pupil in library'” Independent, March 10th 2010

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4 Replies to “Book Learning?”

  1. Hell, it’s every high schoolers fantasy. I think part of the fantasy is knowing that it will never, ever happen though. Or… so one thinks.

  2. Twilight – yes, but the British Library, Twilight. How audacious!

    J.James – I’m almost too old to remember high schooler’s fantasies. But only almost 😉

    WWW – he was 17. Underage in the US, but not in the UK, where the age of consent is 16.

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