No Longer In Limbo

Well, it’s gone then – abolished. Never mind what God thinks about it, Popey’s declared it non-existent. Lord knows how many babies are breathing a sigh of relief right this moment, and lining up at the Pearly Gates screaming at Saint Peter, like twenty million banshees, to let them in.

After all, it’s not much fun when you’re only a few weeks old, being stuck in Limbo for eternity while waiting for some old fart in a funny hat to decide it’s all right to let you into Heaven. Still, at long last Popey’s seen the light, waved his wand, and told Saint Peter to stock up on diapers. It’s over. Limbo is no more.

Now, if only he’ll do something about Hell.

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4 Replies to “No Longer In Limbo”

  1. This is so funny. First the ending of Friday meat ban and now this – pretty soon you won’t be able to tell them apart from the Lutherans.

    Religion is kind of a make-it-up as you go thing, isn’t it?

  2. If I remember my cathecism right, Limbo could also house non-Catholics that were very good. Heaven was reserved for good Catholics or bad Catholics who went to confession.

  3. Me again – what a pest!! Maybe it was purgatory that housed the non-catholics. Hell, I don’t remember as I didn’t pay that much attention to begin with. The only reason to listen was to get holy cards if you answered correctly and after I got duplicates, I lost interest.

  4. Flimsy – “Make it up as you go” has been religion’s way since man first became self-aware. I wonder how long before Popey decides birth control might just be acceptable after all? Of course, that’s not likely, given that they need the faithful to breed like rabbits, so the pews stay occupied. I think you’re right that it was purgatory where the non-Catholics went to atone for venial(?) sins, before they could be considered worthy of entering Heaven. It wasn’t reserved for filthy protestants, though, as even wayward Catholics might spend some time there.

    Finally – never a pest, and I hope you ended up with a full set.

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