New Year Doom And Gloom

“The party’s over…’s time to call it a day…..” warbled Judy Holliday in the 1956 musical comedy, “The Bells Are Ringing.”

I know just how she felt. Christmas merriment has come and gone, shuffled off into the void along with the rest of 2008. Suddenly the long, cold, dark days of winter loom into the distance, only eventually to be dispersed by Easter bunnies that aren’t yet so much as a twinkle in their daddy buck’s eyes, and chocolate eggs it’s way too early even for Wal-Mart to consider stocking.

“Ah, but wait,” I hear the cry, “this year is different. In a few weeks the dragon Bush will be vanquished by Saint Barack; winter will immediately be displaced by endless summer; life will revert to wondrous joy, and children will sing once more in the streets.”

Unfortunately, these cries only emanate from deep within psychiatric establishments, or from the lips of Democratic party workers so long on the campaign trail their brains were fried by overly-enthusiastic political promises, and lies intended to trick simple-minded religious fundamentalists into voting for the candidate who really believed in abortion, birth control, and Jesus being gay.

Let’s stare the grim reaper of reality in the face, here. Barack Obama may, or may not, be the one great American prodigy plucked from obscurity by a benevolent God to answer the call and right the wrongs of the evil Bush administration, but lacking the long, gray beard and magic wand of Gandalf, even if he proved to be the latest reincarnation of the bastard son of Mary and Joseph, his ability to produce drastic change in Washington, tame the financial gurus who own Wall Street, or convince the corporate drug barons and medical insurance mafia to lay down their check books for the good of the common people, is likely to be severely limited.

And let’s not forget what happened to the last one who tried that, with the money merchants in the Temple of Jerusalem.

Of course, no-one expects Barack Obama to be perfect. After all, the Bible tells us Jesus of Nazareth had his faults. Not least of all, his choice of Judas Iscariot as an apostle.

Well, come on! Would the all-knowing son of a god deliberately pick a follower he knew would betray him?

(At this point, Christian readers are nodding sagely and murmuring, “Oh, yes, yes, He would, because the Bible required He fulfill the ‘prophecy’.”) (Whatever THAT means.)

Jesus was flawed. Obviously, so is Obama. Otherwise, why would he have chosen Tom ‘Ethanol’ Vilsack as his Agriculture Secretary? On November 24th, Vilsack stated he wasn’t in the running for the post.[1] Three weeks later, Obama named him as his twelfth apostle.

Vilsack, governor of the ethanol capital of the US, namely Iowa, has lauded the benefits of ethanol production, is heavily invested in the industry, strongly supports GM crops, founded and chaired the Governor’s Biotechnology Partnership, and was named “Governor of the Year” by an industrial lobbying group, the Biotechnology Industry Organization.

Obama, himself, is heavily into the “benefits” of ethanol production. Benefits that include being more polluting of the environment than gasoline, and creating a hike in world food prices that has already forced millions to the brink of starvation.

However well-meaning, caring, or capable of working miracles Obama proves to be – and, let’s be honest, he may be none of those things – he’s still only one man against the Machine. The last man who took on the Machine ended up nailed to a wooden cross.

Can Barack Obama do better than Jesus of Nazareth?

“The party’s over……it’s time to call it a day…”

Those long, cold, dark days of winter still loom into the distance……

[1] “Vilsack Says He’s Not in the Running for Ag. Sec. Spot” Washington Post, November 24th 2008

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5 Replies to “New Year Doom And Gloom”

  1. We do have this need for a savior, a being better than us who will bring us to a better world without our having to do anything to make it happen.

    We speak too much and do too little.

  2. Sigh – it’s wrist-slitting time then?
    Come on, RJ – lighten up: sing along with me

    “Always look on the bright side of life…la-di-d–di-da…

  3. You know what? Even if a “real deal” saviour appeared tonight – before our very eyes, he’d soon be crucified too, in one way or another.

    Like, maybe a private light aircraft carrying him somewhere would crash. I mean, it happens all the time y’know. ‘Specially, if you’ve announced you’ve got some sort of special message or mission.

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