Especially For Gaye

Following the Sparrow Chat “Happy New Year” post, a lady complained it was too biased towards the male subscribers, and could I not have found a suitable image for Sparrow Chat’s female readers?

Sadly, while not wishing to appear in any way sexually biased, this proved difficult.

Not wishing to disappoint, I was left with no alternative but to publish an image of myself, though I have to admit it was taken a year or two back.

So here, especially for Gaye, is my New Year’s message to the ladies:


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2 Replies to “Especially For Gaye”

  1. RJ, you just transformed your fan (me) into a worshipper (again me). Thanks a million for being game enough to entertain your female fans, you have made my new year! I rarely giggle out loud when I am reading blogs and mate you have done it.
    All the best in 2009 RJ!

    PS: If that’s really you, I curse the universe for you not being single! HAH!

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