“New War” In Iraq

There’s a new war in Iraq, according to NBC. Tonight Brian Williams and Richard Engel – NBC’s “man in Iraq” – agreed it was a whole new war.

They should try telling that to the Iraqis.

This new war has come about because Sunni insurgents (colloquially referred to as “Al Qaeda”) have begun targeting American soldiers whose commanders have, in their wisdom, decided to barrack in Iraqi police stations. Today, two suicide car bombers blew their vehicles up outside one such establishment, killing two Americans and wounding seventeen others.

Perhaps Admiral Fallon and General Petraeus might have considered the possibility of such an occurrence, given that Iraqi police stations have long been popular targets of suicide bombers. It might also have occurred to them that insurgents suppressed by US troop levels in Baghdad could possibility shift their theater of operations to other areas.

After all, it’s what insurgents do. It’s called guerrilla warfare. Isn’t General Petraeus America’s foremost expert on guerrilla warfare?

This latest incident occurred in Tarmiya, a small Arab Sunni town about twenty-five miles north of Baghdad.

It is not a new war, at all. It’s a four year old war that will get a great deal older and bloodier before it is through.

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