May The Lord Bless Henry Ford

If the earth was composed of motor cars, rather than countries, America would be a beat-up Model T Ford. Admittedly, there would be a few modern ‘accessories’ – a supercharged, ten-liter gas guzzling engine to assist in poisoning the planet; a global positioning system to pinpoint the areas of resource where waging war is economically viable; a well-stocked bar for George W Bush – and that not quite so modern, but equally vital asset – a leather-bound, large-print-so nothing-can-be-overlooked, copy of the Holy Bible.

Most other industrial nations would be symbolized by more up-to-date, sleeker, and people-friendlier vehicles, not necessarily environment-friendly, but certainly a cut above the overpowered, under-developed, rust-bucket that is the United States.

However, the most significant difference between them would have little to do with automobile evolution. The one piece of equipment missing from those motor cars that comprise the rest of the industrialized world, would be the part America considers most vital to the smooth running of its old Model T.

That ‘part’ is, of course, the Bible.

Nowhere among the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development – those motor cars considered most industrially and economically advanced – is there a hint of the mental-slavery devoted to this book by Model T America. While other motor cars pay lip service to the minority of their populace still loosely adhering to its tenets, the Book itself is never allowed to interfere in the smooth running of their engines.

Without a staunchly broadcast belief in the Bible, no US citizen can hope to gain access to the Model T’s workings. All of its not inconsiderable power is derived from those sworn to uphold “the Book”.

Unfortunately, the constraints imposed on its design and evolution by this book are causing it to rot away, even as it continues to voraciously gobble up those mopeds and bicycles on the planet not yet evolved to motor car status.

Unless America catches on, and chucks “the Book” out through the cavity that once was its windshield, all that will remain of the old Model T will be its supercharged, ten liter engine lying roaring in the dirt but going nowhere.

Its only remaining ability, to watch other more up-to-date, sleeker, and people-friendlier vehicles, purr smoothly past it.

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3 Replies to “May The Lord Bless Henry Ford”

  1. There is the old saying that a way to get rich is to buy people for what they are worth and sell them for what they think they are worth – same goes for countries I suppose.

    All holy books are made confusing so that you need a bunch of preachers to interpret them – a big pyramid scheme taking in the gullible. Thomas Aquinas said “Beware of the Man of One Book.”

    ps. I fixed my heading finally. Thanks for your help.

  2. Flimsy – while huge numbers of Americans cling to old religious orthodoxy (in its many ‘revised’ forms) they hold themselves and this nation back from evolving into something better. Having lived many years in Europe, and studied European history, it is obvious that America today is experiencing similar religious and moral trends to those suffered centuries ago in Europe. WW2 was, I believe, a catalyst for the European revolt against such false values.

    I like your new “look”. Glad you were able to fix the header problem.

  3. America is fast becoming a nation of Japanese cars as we have learned that the American made ones need more time in repair than we would like. Let’s hope the trend in car buying will inch us toward a more rational belief system. I’ve noticed all the candidates are struggling to convince people that they have a Christian religion and that convinces me we we are still in hot water.

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