More Sticking Plaster Politics In Iraq

America’s News media proudly announced tonight a major move forward in the political improvements supposedly taking place in Iraq. The Iraq government has decided on a new flag for the country.


Cute, isn’t it?

Gone are the green stars representing the Baath Party. “Allahu Akbar” (God is Great) no longer is in Saddam Hussein’s handwriting.

Well, a flag’s a flag’s a flag, and it’s not so different from the old one, except that the old one was permanent, well, until they hanged Saddam, of course.

This one is temporary, chosen in a moment of panic when it was realized the government would be banned from flying its own, original, flag in Irbil, Khurdistan, during a meeting of the pan-Arab parliament in March. The flag is banned in Khurdistan, where it’s seen as a symbol of Saddam Hussain.

So this flag, like most things the Iraqi government concerns itself with, is a botch-up until they can get around to doing something permanent.

And that may be this year, next year…….. sometime…..

My thanks to Leila Fadel of “Baghdad Observer” for the information.

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