A Question Of Priorities?

According to Federal Times.com:

” The Social Security Administration — which is at its lowest staffing levels in 35 years and which faces a growing backlog of 747,000 disability claims cases — plans to hire 150 administrative law judges and 92 support staff this year.

SSA plans to replace only one of every two state disability determination service employees — who help decide whether people claiming severe disabilities should receive benefits — who leave in 2008.”

But, it reports:

“At the Homeland Security Department, managers at Customs and Border Protection plan to hire 11,000 new employees, including 3,000 Border Patrol agents and 2,500 customs and border protection officers. The remainder are support staff.”

“Citizenship and Immigration Services, which is the former Immigration and Naturalization Service — is planning its own wave of new hires, at least 1,500 new employees……”

Meanwhile, at the FBI they’re jumping through hoops as spokesperson, Kathy Milhoan, announced:

“We anticipate this being a huge hiring year. This year, the bureau plans to recruit more than 900 agents and 2,000 professional support employees, at least one-quarter of whom will be intelligence analysts. “We’re hoping to hire people with a wide variety of backgrounds, everything from IT to accounting and analytical skills. And we’re looking to hire agents with a variety of skills as well.”

It’s easy to see where lies the Bush administration’s priorities.

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2 Replies to “A Question Of Priorities?”

  1. Typical conservative approach isn’t it? Compassion for those less fortunate is non-existent. Very sad.

    With regard to the new hirings at Citizenship & Immigration Service, RJ, these are supposed to be funded by the huge hike in fees which took place last summer – $400 fee was increased to $675 for the N400 citizenship application.
    Avoidance of the big fee hike brought forth a tsunami of applications, and now USCIS has massive backlogs. Some say the fee hike was cleverly timed so that new, potentially Democrat, voters would be unable to vote in November as they’d all be stuck in the backlogs.( I’m one of them!)

  2. Twilight – it’s all part of the capitalist economy, you know. Lots of demand, up the price, then lower the service to increase the profit margin. I shouldn’t worry too much about being able to vote. ‘Experts’ consider it will be a close run to the line between McCain and Clinton. If it’s that close a bit of rigging should tilt the balance sufficient to get their man home. Your vote won’t make much difference.

    Yes, I know I’m a pessimist realist. 😉

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