Monet Couldn’t Hit A Barn Door At Ten Paces, Either

One of the less likely consequences of Barack Obama’s ascendance to the presidency has been a sharp rise in gun sales.[1]

There’s no suggestion that irate Republicans are out to shoot him, it’s simply that the weirdly warped gun lobby has somehow concocted the idea that firearms will be going up in value with Obama in the White House.

According to a Mister Frank Meeker, who’s 58 years old and owns twelve guns (how can he fire them all at once? He’s only got ten trigger fingers. Perhaps he’s very adroit with his toes?) firearms will be rising sharply in value, as it’s expected an Obama administration will be raising the tax on guns and ammunition.

Never mind, Frank. Diversify. Lots of people, some with no trigger fingers at all, have become very good at painting with their toes.

One day your watercolor of the Colt 39AC/42D(240 shot dum-dum automatic) may be worth more than the real thing.

[1] “Gun Shops See Sales Boom After Obama Election Victory”, KKTV.Com, November 7th 2008

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