Dog-ged Journalism

There’s a serious recession looming for most countries on the planet. Major auto manufacturers in the US are on the verge of bankruptcy, possibly with the loss of tens of thousands of jobs. The IMF has said Britain’s economy is in such dreadful shape it is likely to suffer more than other European nations from the encroaching world recession. In the Congo a potential genocide seems likely on a scale of Rwanda in the 1990’s. To top it all, China is raising a finger to western nations over global warming, with the response: “You caused it, you fix it.”

All of this is irrelevant. The US media is preoccupied with even more important matters. The issue is of such vital international importance even a Russian nuclear missile attack on Washington would take second place.

It’s a matter still to be resolved. The future of the country depends on finding an answer. All over the United States media reporters are poised, all desperate to be first with the scoop to end all scoops.

There is a question on everyone’s lips; a conundrum as yet unanswerable:

What kind of puppy will the Obama family choose to take with them to the White House?

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