Momentary Lapse Of Memory?

Speaking to the BBC recently about the situation in Burma after the typhoon, Condoleeza Rice, the US Secretary of State said:

“”It’s a quite unusual situation actually that you have a country in these desperate straits with its population in the circumstances that this population is in – and you get a kind of stone cold face about people who just want help.”

She’s absolutely right. It is an unusual situation. Now, let me see, when was the last time such a circumstance existed………

……oh, yes, I remember, it was in 2005……when Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans.

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3 Replies to “Momentary Lapse Of Memory?”

  1. What stuns me most, RJA, is her appallingly poor grasp of the English language. She’s a PhD, right?
    Hangin’ around with the Shrub too long no doubt.

  2. WWW – she speaks Russian, German, French, and Spanish. Apparently, she’s still working on English.

    Flimsy – accept aid from Castro? We’d rather die first. Unfortunately, many did.

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