Grow Up, America

Only yesterday I wrote a long article on the political circus that was the US presidential election. Today, we hear a sound-bite of Hillary Clinton talking to some provincial newspaper, making vague reference to the assassination of Robert Kennedy, and immediately whipping up a frenzy guaranteed to keep the cable networks humming for infinity, or at least until some juicier fillip grabs their short-term attention span, which will likely be within the next forty-eight hours.[1]

It’s not good enough, America. Is this the level to which you are prepared to sink in defining the qualities of the next US president?

You don’t deserve to be a superpower with so much influence in the world. Such a position demands a sense of responsibility. It’s time you gave up your introvert, spoiled-child, attitude and started to develop some sense of maturity.

Either that, or get out the game and let some serious nation have a go at running the world. To put it bluntly, you’re letting the side down with your puerile behavior.

I don’t happen to think Hillary Clinton is the best choice to be the next president, but she certainly doesn’t deserve the sort of inane reaction coming from the American media right now, anymore than Obama merited crucifixion for the beliefs of a Chicago pastor.

Get serious, America. Stop being ruled by your media, and start telling it what you want to hear. Or is that too difficult for your infantile brains to grasp?

Frankly, the rest of the world is sick to the back teeth of your childish games. You’d rather play at being cowboys, with your silly guns and talk of ‘freedoms’ you never had, than grow up and act like mature adults, with all the responsibilities that demands.

Electing a president is a serious business. Why are you so incapable of treating it as such?

[1] “HILLARY RAISES ASSASSINATION ISSUE”, New York Post, May 23rd 2008

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3 Replies to “Grow Up, America”

  1. Sickening ain’t it, RJ?

    It’s mainy the idiots in the blogosphere who stoke these fires. I have to keep reminding myself that there are millions who never read blogs and don’t even know what a blog is.

    the trouble is that “it only takes one”, and some of these crazies are crazy enough if their words on-line are anything to go by.

    Look at this link – I followed it from a more restrained site, and was shocked – look at the list of comments!

    I don’t know who is more at risk, Obama or Clinton.

  2. Al – I’d not be surprised, either.

    Twilight – virtually all this poison is coming from young people fed a media diet of violence, bad language, and hate. I don’t linger on such sites, they sicken me. One has to wonder how many of these ‘commentators’ are even old enough to vote.

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