Lizard Dung – The New Drug Of Choice?

“American Renaissance” is not my idea of a relaxing read, and neither is it a regular at my inbox, but while researching the previous post on the late, unlamented, Jorg Haider, I came across this titbit further down the page:

…..further north in Kano, [Nigeria] there are fewer Christians and less violence, but health authorities have a different problem. The latest drug craze is to get high on lizard dung, either by smoking or drinking it. “Since I discovered the use of lizard dung I have found peace,” says 28-year-old Ado Kabir of Kano. “I no longer have to spend much money on drugs since I discovered the efficacy of lizard excrement,” he adds. According to Mr. Kabir, there are many ways to take the drug. One of the most popular is to mix it with water and blue laundry detergent, and drink it. “It produces a strong effect similar to the effect of drinking strong whisky to excess on a hot day,” says the articulate Mr. Kabir. The droppings can be dried and then smoked with tobacco, marijuana, or heroin. The effect, says, Mr. Kabir, is “exhilarating.””[1]

It sounds great fun, though perhaps the blue laundry detergent adds a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’?

Sadly Mr. Kabir fails to clarify his favorite brand – of either laundry detergent, or lizard.

[1] “The Old Nigeria” American Renaissance, January 2003.

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4 Replies to “Lizard Dung – The New Drug Of Choice?”

  1. What I find fascinating in such reports as this is how the heck did somebody discover that lizard droppings & blue laundry detergent = Happy Juice ?

    Did they go around mixing the most outlandish combination of ingredients they could find, then drink them or smoke them experimentally?
    Or was it discovered by chance when a passing lizard did its business in an accidental puddle of laundry detergent, the resulting liquid, sometime later, being ingested by a very thirsty and soon to be Happy passing human ?

  2. Earlier this year there was a story that some feral cat shit was sublime. In the south, I think they suck toads to see visions. And people think they are made in god’s image. sheesh

    I bet Mr. Kabir has a lizard problem and rather than paying for an exterminator, he is using the internet to get idiots to steal them. I’m off to check snopes since I was told my “pluck yew” story was fake.

  3. Twilight – This has been a subject of reflection by me, also. How do these things get discovered in the first place?

    Flimsy – who knows what God gets up to? As for your ‘pluck yew’ story, the origins of most of these old sayings are lost in the mists of time. The derivation of ‘f**k’ comes, like many of our modern (non-religious) swearwords, from the Latin verb ‘futuere’, meaning ‘to copulate’.
    There’s an interesting link HERE
    It doesn’t refute the Anglo-Saxon bowman’s opinion of the French, but it’s unlikely anyone could prove, or disprove, it as a possible origin.

    Al – my first thought, but it’s well documented. Even the BBC ran an article on the subject – see it HERE.

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