Literary Musings…….

Over the years, like most writers I’ve accumulated a number of ‘literary musings’ that can hardly fit the description of “Short Stories”, but are worthy of, perhaps, more than the trash can.

Some originate from the early days of Sparrow Chat and may be familiar to regular readers. Others are just the result of idle time-passing on the keyboard.

As they need to go somewhere, I’m cataloging these mental outpourings under the heading, “Literary Musings”, and they can be found below the “Blog Nest” in the sidebar. So far, I’ve only managed to publish two pages. Hopefully, that will expand as time goes by.

There is no facility for comment, but I hope you’ll find at least some of them of interest.

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4 Replies to “Literary Musings…….”

  1. Just read your Belfast Linen piece and enjoyed the performance of Tommy Maken singing William Bloat ( to the tune of The Dawning of the Day).
    I took some workshops with executives of Panasonic quite some years back and was astounded to learn that their company mission was to end global child poverty and since then I have purchased their products when available.
    A little web search today reveals their continuing and unfailing support for children’s education, etc.
    So take another look at Panasonic razors, RJA!
    I enjoy your short stories and slices of life, well done!

  2. I read “The Vexed Question of Being”, just now, and will be back for more samples of your beautiful prose RJ.

    I’m impressed that you’re able to say who you are so eloquently. For all my years (quite a few more than yours), I still feel quite unable to do the same.

    Your treasured feather reminded me of an old belief that if a white feather falls near you or you see one lying near where you are, an angel is watching over you. Now, I don’t believe in angels as such, but it has happened to me on a couple of occasions when I’ve been troubled, and felt very reassuring. Very strange! I kept one, a small fluffy one, in my purse for years, I think it disintegrated eventually.

    Anyway – it was so nice to meet you! 🙂

  3. I liked the dentist one especially. When I was a kid, we went to such an old slow guy that the novacaine would wear off before he would get around to you. (He had several chairs and would work on more than one at a time).

  4. WWW – dear old Tommy, sadly passed on last year. I believe only Liam is left now.

    Ah, the Japanese! Those ‘other’ losers of WW2. They managed to get their act together much more quickly than the Germans. Mind you, you never saw them sunning themselves on the Spanish beaches, and pinching all the best spots. They were too busy rebuilding their economy. Next time, I shall certainly consider a Panasonic razor.

    Twilight – I call it “listening to the whispers”. I believe guidance is all around us, but it seldom shouts out loud. We have to watch and listen. Sadly, the pace of modern life can drown out so much.

    Flimsy – one dentist with several chairs? Goodness, he must have been on piece work! (I’m not sure if you have that phrase in the US. If not, Wikipedia).

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