Just One Small Step Backwards For America

One might think that America couldn’t possibly sink any further into the mire of violence and irresponsibility. It’s eight year administration has plunged this nation deep under the armpit of world opinion by its lust for militarism over diplomacy; its inability, or lack of desire, to control the ever-increasing gun crime on America’s streets and campuses, and its reckless economic policies that have damaged not just the US, but much of the world.

Now, however, America is stooping even lower in its bid to become the world’s principal pariah.

Remember those girlish get-togethers of the sixties and seventies? There was at least one in the neighborhood every week or so. Tupperware started the craze. Housewives would meet up in a neighbor’s house for a good old gossip, a cup of coffee and a few cookies, and maybe lash out a few dollars on the latest plastic food container or liquid dispenser.

It was all good innocent fun, made the ‘Tupperware’ brand famous, and was the perfect excuse for some female socializing.

Not any more. Now, Tupperware parties have been superseded by Taser parties.

Not content with marketing these vile devices to police forces throughout America, the Taser company jumped on an idea devised by Dana Shafman, founder of Shieldher Inc.,[1] to market their product to women as the new female self-defense tool, using “Tupperware-style” parties to do so.


According to Shafman, her new ‘Lady Tasers’, in a choice of colors, including pink, are in great demand. They retail for $350, have all the stunning capacity of the police weapon, but unlike those manufactured for law enforcement, the ‘Lady Taser’ has the capacity to stun for up to thirty seconds. Police tasers are limited to five seconds.

Taser parties are great fun, says Dana Shafman. Woman get to fire the weapons at cardboard cutouts, amid much merriment and mirth even though alcohol is definitely off the menu.

Some young moms, thinking to purchase a taser for their handbag, expressed concern that children may think its a toy because of the color. General consensus concluded that it’s probably best to explain to toddler why Mommy carries it, and what its for. That will ensure they leave it alone – just exactly as they leave Daddy’s bevy of rifles and handguns alone, as the statistics of dead and injured children from firearms accidents aptly demonstrates.

There was a time in this country when ‘neighborliness’ was part and parcel of American life. People were happy to help each other out; strangers were not automatically assumed to be violent criminals and rapists. Those times have gone, washed away by a diet of violent movies, violent TV programs, violent video games, violent wars, violent government.

The American people have been systematically drugged on violence. It permeates every facet of their lives. Even the US government is hooked on violence. Twenty years ago, how many Americans would ever have considered their country capable of justifying water-boarding as an acceptable interrogation technique?

Take a moment to think about that, any of you old enough to remember.

From Tupperware to Tasers in one generation.

Violence breeds violence. This nation is the living proof of that. Adding more weapons to the arsenal is not the answer.

[1] ‘Shieldher Inc.’ website

NOTE 1:Taser use, except by authorized police officers, is prohibited in DC, HI, MA, MI, RI, NY, NJ, WI.

NOTE 2: On its website, Shieldher Inc., emphasizes the Taser is not a weapon, but a “personal protection system”. So is an M16.

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5 Replies to “Just One Small Step Backwards For America”

  1. Not much I can add to the taser-party situation, RJ. Let’s hope that, given time, more states will outlaw the use of these weapons by ordinary citizens. It’ll probably take a few instances of taser wars in clubs and bars and some serious physical injuries, before that happens though.

    I enjoyed the Billy Connelly videos – the light relief is very welcome. He never fails to make me chuckle.

  2. My first thought on reading this, RJA was of Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 when he made a segment on the news reportage in Hollywood. The cameras were all focussed on this minor gun incident while above him the great Hollywood sign was covered in smog. His point was look at the real news, the smog. But everyone is focussed on the culture of fear. The most fearful country in the world, when crime stats are actually down. It sure pays big corp tho for all of us to be afraid…
    Lasers kill. Can’t you see the kids using these pretty little things as toys?

  3. Taserware parties eh? Yikes.

    I was reminded of this frightening set of guns for females advertisements I saw a few weeks ago (on a great blog I follow..I’ve pasted the direct link below)….I’d say ‘gun’ parties wouldn’t have the same marketing zing to ’em huh? There is something so NOT community building about guns yet they’ve managed to spin it with tasers….


  4. Twilight – yes, it’s ‘just America’, isn’t it? Not sure I’ll ever adjust to it. Glad you enjoyed old Billy.

    WWW – there is so much wrong in this world right now it’s hard to focus on any one thing for long. Perhaps that how they manage to sneak these things ‘under the radar’?

    Orla Hegarty – welcome to Sparrow Chat, and thank you for the excellent link. A most absorbing site. No, you’re right, ‘gun parties’ would definitely not prove inspirational to the marketing boys.

    TOB – your silence is your comment!

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