Let Us Ensure They Remember

The Chinese communist government is refusing to allow any commemoration of the protests that took place twenty years ago, beginning on April 15th 1989 following the death of a pro-democracy worker, Hu Yaobang,[1] and lasting until tanks finally cleared Tiananmen Square during the days of June 4th and 5th, 1989.

A heavy police presence on the streets of Beijing and an internet blockade of social networking sites like Twitter and FaceBook, will ensure there is no memorial gathering to remember the hundreds, possibly thousands, killed during this obscene period in China’s history.


The Chinese government is keen to erase its peoples’ collective memory of the Tiananmen Square massacre by whatever means it can muster.

While we still have the freedom to do so, it behooves bloggers and journalists in the West to ensure that they fail.

[1] “Hu Yaobang” Wikipedia

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