A Waiting Game

Do you get the impression the whole world is waiting? It’s as though the planet itself is holding its breath, hoping against hope that the end of the Bush era, coupled with the rise of Obama, may restore a measure of sanity and reconciliation to this grief-torn world.

There’s not been much happening at Sparrow Chat lately. You’ve probably noticed. It’s difficult to write in a void. And that’s what we’re in right now – a vacuum. Oh, sure, there’s still plenty for the political blogs to rant about; politicians everywhere can be relied on to supply a continuous outpouring of gaffs, corrupt practices, and general back-biting.

Take the US Republican Party for instance: a perfect example of grown men and women behaving like a pack of mangy curs, recently rounded up and caged pending euthanasia. Barking and snarling at their Democrat captors does them no good whatever so they turn on each other, ripping apart individual ideals while less vicious members are content to lap up spilled blood.

Across the pond in Britain, a lacklustre prime minister grimly grips power by his bitten-down fingernails as the uncloaking of a vast network of political corruption threatens his existence, and provides entertainment for the masses, happy to take their minds off the ever present economic debacle.

It all makes fodder for the media, yet has little effect on the progress of so-called civilization.

Meanwhile, the world waits, holding its breath and pretending nothing is untoward. Barack Obama rushes about the globe, mending fences that can be repaired, hoping those that can’t won’t topple over, at least not for a while yet.

It’s all in the hands of the Capitalists, you see. Progress, that is. At the end of the day, whether civilization as we know it survives, or not, is dependent on the back-room machinations of those who hold the purse strings of power.

If it’s profitable for the human race to survive, it will. If not, then……well, it’s time for a sharp intake of breath.

To put it bluntly, our only hope is that the ‘global warming’ skeptics turn out to be right; that it is, after all, nothing more than a vast scientific conspiracy aimed at topping up the research coffers.

Most who believe that, however, are also convinced the World Trade Centers were destroyed following hordes of demolition experts invading the property without anyone’s knowledge, and setting explosive charges timed to coincide with CNN broadcasting some obsolete footage pirated from “Towering Inferno”.

Still, who knows? In a world as totally crazy as this one, it’s possible they might be right.

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7 Replies to “A Waiting Game”

  1. Recent post to Facebook:

    Well then…28 (or as I like to think-25 again). As many of my friends know, I was brought up by my father. When I was a little person, my father and all of his friends, acquaintances and anyone over the age of 18 were “Adults”. Oh yes, the phrase merits a capital letter as these people were held in awe and respect. In my 8 year old opinion they were the chosen ones; the individuals I aspired to be. Those members of the exclusive club who had been blessed with knowledge, wisdom and sensibility. For the last 20 years I have awaited the coming of age. I was hoping there would be some sort of exam…apparently not.

    I have reached the conclusion that my elders had no more of an idea of what they were doing then I do. There is no “passing out parade” of fully fledged maturity. This epiphany has left me with a sense of disarray. I am now acutely aware that there is no transition to adulthood-it’s a case of making do and hoping things work out (as I’m sure parents of all generations figured out along the way).

    In accordance with this revelation, I appear to be having some sort of elongated semi-mid-life crisis which has culminated in arriving at the conclusion that my job role: Change Manager for the Ministry Of Justice-

    A) Didn’t exist 20 years ago and is therefore bullshit
    B) Will leave no noticeable impact on the planet and is therefore (again) bullshit

    Is it just me that feels that any individual existing on this Earth should provide a contribution to the advancement of our race as a whole? Or to be more concise; instill a lasting impression in our peers and descendants of how fragile this world is and the importance of preserving and adding to its unfailing wonderment? Forgive the corny “mother earth” undertone but the reality of the wasteful western world stares each one of us in our non-committal faces every day.

    I guess my point is: How many of my generation will honestly be able to say that their existence provided a meaningful contribution to the world? I am one of the guilty who will admit that to date my life has not been lived to its full potential. Like everyone I have lived out my own personal dramas that I perceived to be the end of the world such as love and loss. The realisation dawns that these occurrences become superficial when viewed from a wider perspective.

    Maybe the time has come for us (as a collective) to start thinking ahead. A generation, that appointed an up and coming Texas Governor who it turned out was unable to spot a terrorist if they blew themselves up on the doorstep of the White house and unfailingly managed to embarrass his representative country on every state visit, has a lot to answer for. I almost forgot: we allocated a Bert to the aforementioned Ernie, the grinning rictus of economical death known as Mr Blair. Didn’t we do well?

    Maybe I should start my own political party. Sadly the only inspiration imparted to me by any political forerunner has been Al Gore with his Inconvenient Truth and even then I have my reservations, however I hold faith that Al will never say “‘Rarely is the question asked: Is our children learning?’.

    Surely we can do better. Where are the new generation innovators- the Lincoln’s, Luther Kings, Attenborough’s, Mozart’s and Darwin’s of our day?

    Live up to your potential boys and girls. We can no longer attribute our indifference and ignorance to the naivety of youth.

  2. Listening to the car radio the other day, RJ, reporting results of the EU elections, the swing to the right, the rise in polularity of BNP in the UK – I felt truly thankful (at last) to be here in the USA. At least we’ve swung leftward, albeit slightly and not nearly far enough. I felt more estranged from the UK than I ever thought I could as I listened to that radio report.

    TGFO (Thank goodness for Obama).

  3. Odd… but I have been feeling the blues lately as well… Maybe I am finding the political world so circular, or maybe at times I feel helpless, or just damn tired of it all…

    Nevertheless, I am here and I still have a big mouth that bothers a lot of people…. 🙂 But at least on this vast ocean of the blogger world, I can still find sane voices that get me! or at least I think they get me at times… 🙂

    Boy… I am feeling weird!

  4. Kiya“I have reached the conclusion that my elders had no more of an idea of what they were doing then I do.”

    And a few years later it becomes equally obvious that neither do those who are running the world on our behalf.

    “Like everyone I have lived out my own personal dramas that I perceived to be the end of the world, such as love and loss.”

    These personal traumas should never be trivialized, even when viewed from wider perspectives. We are the center of our universes, whether we choose to accept that, or not. To one in the throes of despair over a lost love, the imminent end of the world may appear welcoming.

    The new innovators are out there, though well hidden by the storm of rampaging greed for wealth and power that is presently devouring our species quicker than at any other time in our history.

    Twilight – whenever the public feel let down by traditional, middle-of-the-road politicians, they veer towards the extremists as their only form of protest. BNP will continue to make gains in the UK until the electorate can rally behind a mainstream political leader who inspires confidence. This happened in America with Obama. As yet, no-one in British politics has risen to fill the role.

    Nevin – I believe many people feel as you and I do right now.

    Thank God for your big mouth and silly faces. 😉

  5. It is a strange, hopeless world when the word “empathy” is attacked and the word “torture” is defended by the conservatives while the liberals remain mute and cowed.

    I really thought I would miss the easy access to alternative news that comes with a computer, but I find I really enjoy reading authors who took the effort to write books instead. Enjoy your libraries while they still exist.

  6. How about those of us who believe that the planet is warming, to the determent of our ecosystem and our fantastic co-inhabitants of this planet AND believe that the capitalists will use the very real threat of global warming to profit from without changing the dynamics? ie. cap and trade, now being used to build coal plants in third world countries while piously claiming that corporations are saving carbon dioxide at home.
    And, while holding these views, I also firmly believe that the professional killers that wreak so much destruction on other countries turned their skills onto the USA on 9-11. If you really believe that Arab terrorists slipped through the immigration process, shut down the US defense system, blew up 4 buildings with 3 airplanes, shut down the normal investigative processes that investigate crime, got the corporate media to lionize the president who was in charge at the time, instead of investigate to see why he ignored warnings, then I guess you’ll believe anything.
    Personally, I wasn’t afraid on 9-11, nor was anyone I know. It took a sustained media campaign to convince Americans that “we are all afraid”. How did the Arabs manage to control the media like that?
    And, as Flimsy Sanity points out, it continues to this day. Torture is openly celebrated, and empathy is attacked – in the corporate media. Cheney is out,not on bail, just out- defending torture and oppression, and darkly warning of the next terrorist attack.
    He ought to know.

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