Lest We Forget

In May 2005, when the US/UK invasion of Iraq was going badly, the US government attempted to divert public opinion from the atrocities of the war by holding a series of Congressional hearings relating to the earlier Western sanctions against Saddam Hussein’s regime in Iraq, in particular the “Oil-for Food” program.

Certain companies and individuals were accused of sanction-busting over this program. Among them was the then UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, and the British Member of Parliament, George Galloway.

Presumably Congress decided it could divert the bitter public opinion fomenting over the war by assuming the high moral ground regarding Iraq sanction-busting. To that end they held a series of Congressional hearings, perhaps better described as witch-hunts.

The preemptive invasion of Iraq, with all its accompanying horrors, is already drifting into the mists of history. The public memory is short, at least in the US, and matters of the domestic economy now dominate its media. Those responsible for committing international war crimes no longer serve in the government, having slipped away to more anonymous occupations.

There is still a reckoning to be made. No-one can be responsible for the decimation of a nation and walk away unpunished.

When the US Congress called on George Galloway to answer his accusers, they expected much fawning and grovelling before them. Let’s be honest, it’s what they’re used to from their own kind.

What they got was something entirely different.

The US Congressional hearing, chaired by Republican “Norm” Coleman, took on a British Bulldog – and lost.

While US congressmen and British politicians continue to whine over the plight of a world entirely of their making, George Galloway has been busy elsewhere. Check out “This Old Brit” for details, and my thanks to him for bringing it to Sparrow Chat’s attention.

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5 Replies to “Lest We Forget”

  1. Thanks again, RJ. Just like George Galloway, you’re certainly one of our (once proud), country’s truly tried and tested, British Bulldog breed.

    Sadly, there aren’t that many of us left though.

  2. RJ, I really appreciate your posting a reminder of this amazing Senate Hearing.

    I suppose you know this hearing was stricken from the official record!

    Somehow I am certain they could NEVER actually erase its existence from history, however. The historians will always be able to find it whether it is in the “schoolboy’s history text” or not.

  3. TOB – always happy to further a worthy cause, old ‘un, though I’m definitely not in GG’s league.

    auntEm – welcome to Sparrow Chat. Yes, I’d heard it was no longer ‘official’. As you rightly say, the historians will have no problem locating the texts. Thankfully, the internet will see to that.

    Twilight – he should be the British prime minister.

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