A Load More Papist Balls

Despite the possibility of Sparrow Chat being labeled an anti-religious tome, the Pope’s visit to Africa cannot be allowed to pass without comment, given his deliberately false proclamation to journalists before he landed on the continent.

In fact, Sparrow Chat is in no way anti-religious. It just condemns the papery, pestilence, and perpetually lying proclamations of those charged with perpetrating a fraud for the purposes of enriching their purses and enforcing their power.

The present occupant of the Vatican is one of the worst for a long time. Were he to have been born six hundred years ago he would likely have rivaled the infamous Alexander VI, or Innocent VIII. Fortunately, popes today are no longer able to murder and fornicate at will – at least, not so easily.

It’s not generally known if, during the elaborate papal consecration ceremonies, the ‘sexual verification’ of the new pontiff is still practiced. Since the thirteenth century and the infamous case of Pope Joan ( a Pope John believed to have possibly been a woman) legend has it that new popes have had to prostrate themselves on a low seat while selected clergy examined the pontiff’s intimate parts to ascertain his credentials. Once verified to everyone’s satisfaction, it’s a short journey from the low seat of examination to the high throne of Saint Peter.

While the procedure is considered by some to be mere myth, one Adam of Usk – a Welsh cleric who spent time in Rome during the fifteenth century – recounts the procedure in his Chronicum of the period:

……and having arrived there, the pope dismounts and enters the church to be enthroned. Here he sits on a throne of porphery through which a hole has been cut for this purpose, and is examined by one of the younger cardinals to ensure that he has male genitalia; whereupon, while “Te Deum Laudamus” is sung, he is led to the high altar.” [1]

In fairness, no-one has truly ascertained the authenticity of this practice. Given that medieval popes generally sired umpteen illegitimate offspring prior to ascending to the highest spiritual office the church could bestow, the process would appear somewhat irrelevant. Adam of Usk, however, was in no doubt.

Pope Benedict XVI is unlikely to have needed such an examination. Membership of the Hitler Youth was confined to males and, unless he was really a member of its sister organization, the League of German Girls, he would have been ‘checked out’ on entering the organization.

His dictatorial manner, and love of those proclamations to which we must all conform or be damned to everlasting hellfire, were always apparent even before he touched down on African soil.

The condemnation of condoms as an instrument of the Devil; his insistence that they not only have no beneficial effect in preventing the spread of HIV, but actually contribute to it, are symptoms of a being well used to blindly accepting orders from on high, without stopping for a moment to question their wisdom.

Presumably, as he gave no explanation of his ‘condom proclamation’, he’s still sticking to the old and long-disproved Vatican theory that HIV viruses pass through condoms and infect people.

Pope Benedict XVI knows that isn’t true.

He is the holiest creation of the Roman Catholic church on earth, yet just like his medieval predecessors he blithely resorts to blatant lies and hypocrisy, knowing full well that many of his followers will believe him simply because he’s the Pope, and a pope’s word is sacrosanct.

It’s estimated that two million people have died from HIV/AIDS in Africa. No-one would suggest they all contracted the disease because of the Roman Catholic doctrine, but there are in excess of 150 million African Catholics on the continent. With an HIV/AIDS rate nationally of around 4%, possibly six million Catholics are presently infected.

Denying the faithful condoms, by condemning them to everlasting hellfire if they use them, is probably resulting in thousands more being infected and eventually dying.

Does that make Benedict XVI better, or worse, than medieval counterparts like Innocent VIII or Alexander VI, who simply used a more direct approach to slaughter many of their flock?

[1] “The Myth of Pope Joan” by Alain Boureau, Lydia G. Cochrane pp.13

[2] “Vatican in HIV condom row” BBC, October 9th 2003

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4 Replies to “A Load More Papist Balls”

  1. I could hardly bear to read that, RJ, blood pressure on the rise!

    I don’t mind being labelled anti-religious.
    I look on it as an honor.

    I am anti-religious, though not anti the teachings of Christ – an entirely different matter.

  2. WWW – Voltaire said many things best. I particularly like:

    “Anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit injustices.”

    Twilight – the last thing you need is to read stuff that raises your blood pressure. Living in America will do that on its own. 😉

  3. RJ, don’t you realise that it’s just another of the 21st century’s ever increasing ‘Final Solutions’?

    It’s all part of The Vatican’s ‘Final Solution’ to the ‘Sinners Problem’.

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