Keep Out The Barbarians

I trust everyone reading this will already be aware of the grave threat posed to us all in the West, by demonic nations like China and Russia who wait, snapping and snarling, for a chink to appear in our western armor. God help us all if that happens, for the iron fist of Communism will strike fear in our hearts as we’re all marched off to the saltmines.

What do you mean, you don’t think it’s very likely?

Why else is George W Bush determined to plant missiles on Russia’s frontiers? For what other reason is he refusing to sign a “no weapons in space” treaty proposed by Russia and China?

Only today in the Guardian, David Milliband, Britain’s Foreign Secretary – a not-quite-dry-behind-the-ears young man who, if he were black, would be taken for Condoleeza Rice’s grandson whenever they are photographed together – said we have a moral imperative to intervene in world matters, even if that means militarily. He went on to point out the rise of China means we can no longer take the march of democracy for granted.

Now, here’s a great idea. If Walmart and the like stop buying cheap rubbish from China; if all the outsourcing done in China is brought back to the West, it would solve our unemployment problems, boost our economies no end, and China would stop rising. Hence, George could sign the “no weapons in space” treaty without fear because China couldn’t afford any, there’d be no threat from Russia as Putin would have to bail out his Chinese allies and there’d be no roubles left over for missiles and the like, and we could all let the march of democracy take its own easy pace.

As an added bonus, we wouldn’t have to go to war with anyone.

Of course, this all assumes the sole reason we are going to war is to spread love, peace, and democracy.

Hmmm! Now I wonder if that may be the reason no politician’s ever voiced my idea?

3 Replies to “Keep Out The Barbarians”

  1. It seems that there is no outrageous act that politics cannot sell the American people as a good thing. I wonder how we would feel if Russia or China did the same to us.

  2. The ‘barbarians’ are coming, or maybe the ‘barbarians’ are leaving.
    Do we know who the ‘barbarians’ are?
    I look at Iraq and it’s an easy call.
    And lord knows, I look at New Orleans and that’s an easy one too…
    And our version of democracy, is it working? Dragging it all over the planet like a steamroller and crushing opposition?
    We need to find a better way I agree, RJA, and job creation would be a great start.
    H’m – Windmills, solar, de-salination plants, railway systems….

  3. Flimsy – one skill America lacks – and it may not be the only nation with this deficiency – is the ability to assess a mirror image. Russia’s reaction to Bush’s plan of sticking missile bases on its doorstep, is a perfect example. Americans generally don’t consider the effect of Canadian missiles pointing at Washington, yet it’s a mirror image of Bush’s intentions.

    WWW – a good question; who are the barbarians? They may be a lot closer to home than most imagine.

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