How Sad…..

For me, at least, IT professional Steven Schkolne has to win a prize for being the bore of the week. Mister Schkolne spends his free time disentangling computer ethernet cables – for fun!

Not only Steven Schkolne finds this hobby fascinating. He has friends in Los Angeles who share his passion. So much so, Steven & Co are promoting it as a new sport, complete with competitions in unraveling tangled computer cables.

The first contest took place recently at a Los Angeles art gallery and was won by Matthew Howell, an ex-pizza dough tosser. He told the BBC unraveling cables had much in common with tossing pizza.

Frankly, I think they’re all a load of tossers.

Get a life, boys!

Full BBC Story.

For puzzled American readers, the term ‘tosser’ is well defined by the British Urban Dictionary.

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2 Replies to “How Sad…..”

  1. Sad to say, RJA, I kinda “get it”.

    I was a very impatient person, given to hissy fits and tantrums when things weren’t moving fast enough for me, or the people I was training were ‘slow’ in grasping what I was saying.

    So I was told to attain peace of mind I had to slow down and do things in a way I normally wouldn’t. Soooo I had this wind chime which was hopelessly tangled and I sat down with it and took a few hours and untangled it. I was so proud of myself as before I would have thrown it out.

    So since then I take an inordinate amount of pleasure in untangling wools and power cords and string, etc. It slows me down. I get to reflect on the task at hand. I get to concentrate, purely.

    Now competing? that would be another story entirely. But like I say “I get it”.


  2. WWW – ah, but what you describe is a form of meditation, similar to Buddhist or Hindu mandala. I’m not sure a competitive ‘sport’ can be classed as such. In their favor, though, at least it doesn’t involve human suffering or the slaughtering of innocent creatures.

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