Just Another Day In America

It not easy to find anything worth writing about these days. If the US citizenry are unable to comprehend the dubious caliber of those they vote into office, even when political corruption jumps out in front of them with the violence of an asteroid striking the planet, then there’s little point wasting my time writing about it.

The political media, whether blogs, newspapers, or TV, are abrim with the despicable behavior of political figures performing top-notch impressions of sleazy, back-street, alley cats. Why, then, should I wear my fingers to the bone bashing out more of the same?

American readers possibly will not comprehend the next few paragraphs; culture may get in the way – but a few days ago, wearing the super-glow-right, florescent, plastic over-vest as demanded by my employer, I walked into the break room at work to be accosted by the union representative.

Did I want a super-fashionable, quilted, winter jacket, emblazoned with the company’s name and logo, to replace my old plastic vest, she asked? I could even have my name etched on the pocket, if I so desired.

After some deliberation, for my super-glow-right, florescent, plastic over-vest and I had formed something of a cozy relationship, I decided to accept the proffered jacket, and to hell with commitment.

“That’ll be just fifty dollars, then,” demanded the union rep..

Even after I, and my super-glow-right, florescent, plastic over-vest had disappeared out the door in the direction of my school bus, I could tell that not one of the Americans in the break room had the faintest idea what was causing me to laugh so loud and for so long.

I give the company fifty bucks to walk around advertising for them? My arse!

I recently met up with a friend who works down the local Social Security office. Over a drink or two, he told me a tale of the ‘BeVe button’*. Apparently, a certain button on the SSA’s computer screens, designed to bring up information on particular clients, when pressed will allocate credits to the office stats. In other words, it’ll make that office appear more efficient than it truly is. Of course, the button was never designed for that purpose, but unscrupulous office managers, wishing to ingratiate themselves with their Area Directors, have been known to issue orders to their staff demanding the button be utilized more freely for that purpose.

My friend, not himself given to cheating, was somewhat put out by the receipt of such a managerial order only that afternoon, and was happy to talk about it – once I’d plied him with half a bottle of the best from Napa Valley.

I was in Wal-Mart this morning. Around here there’s really nowhere else to shop. I always buy organic when its available and Wal-Mart had been improving its range of organic produce, until the recession hit. Today, I couldn’t find one item marked ‘organic’ in the store. Even many of the household names had gone, replaced by Wal-Mart’s own ‘Great Value’ brand.

What’s happened to all the organic food suppliers Wal-Mart has dispensed with?

Huge monopolies like Wal-Mart dictate the terms of business to thousands of producers. With one stroke of a pen they can be put out of business. The ‘climate change’ scenario is being manipulated by Wal-Mart.[1] That company stands to make further enormous profits from global warming, but at what cost to others?

It’s little wonder the average American finds it difficult to differentiate between corruption and fair play. This country is so steeped in corruption it permeates every aspect of life.

Consequently, even when it does jump out in front them with the violence of an asteroid striking the planet, many of them scarcely notice.

Still, a report today says that is less likely to happen. According to Nasa, any chance that an asteroid called, Apophis, will collide with the Earth in 2036 has now been reduced from 45,000:1, to 250,000:1.[2]

Which is really good news for betting shops and corrupt politicians everywhere.

*I believe it stands for ‘Beneficiary verification’ button.

[1] “Walmart Sustainability Index Means Big Business” GreenBiz.com, September 24th 2009

[2] “Asteroid collision ‘less likely'” BBC, October 8th 2009

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4 Replies to “Just Another Day In America”

  1. I’m with you, RJA. It gets disheartening and something like pissing in the wind. I always laugh at the logos blazing off breasts and bums and shoes everywhere. Paying to be a walking billboard. It is the symptom of our times.
    And wasn’t that the corporate plan of WallyWorld anyway? To put every ethical company on the planet out of business?
    Mission accomplished. Next?

  2. Well, RJ, if you do get one of those new warm jackets you can always cover the name and logo with your own motto and avatar. I’m sure Mrs.RJ will stitch it on for you should you be stitchingly-challenged.
    You’ll have hours of fun thinking up those appropriate few words, I’ll guaran-dang-tee it! (As they say in Texas).

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