It’s Become A Qualification For Greatness

The world is populated by a large proportion of idiots. It has nothing to do with lack of education, poverty, or any of the usual reasons advocated for mental instability. The richest and most powerful among us are prone to idiocy just as easily as the local village clown, or jester.

Take the Italian prime minister Silvio Burlusconi, for example.

Today, while addressing a load of stuffed shirts in the US White House, he said he would work with whoever replaced the present president, but:

“….it will be difficult to find a man as idealistic and brave as our George”.

Then he knocked over and broke the lectern.[1]

It’s possible he was drunk, or simply retaliating for the White House, earlier this year, calling him:

one of the most controversial leaders of a country known for governmental corruption and vice……..regarded by many as a political dilettante (amateur) who gained his high office only through use of his considerable influence on the national media”[2]

Either way, he’s obviously a total idiot for even suggesting George Bush was “brave” and “idealistic”.

Meanwhile, back in Burlesconi’s country another idiot preaches hypocrisy to the masses.

Popey Benedict, clad in hand-sewn silk with velvet trim, solid gold dripping from every garment, hands clasped tightly to the papal staff heavily encrusted with gold leaf and jewels, stated:

Those who think that concrete things we can touch are the surest reality are deceiving themselves.”[3]

This, a day after he’d opened a synod of more than two hundred similarly clad RC minions, who’d traveled from all over the world at great expense – both to the church and the environment – to spend three weeks discussing why most of us don’t bother reading the bible.[4]

Will it really take two hundred of them three weeks to reach a conclusion?

While Popey and pals waste their time on such frivolities, the really serious idiots are hard at it pouring our hard-earned tax dollars into the bottomless pits of bankers who’ve frittered our pension funds and annuities away in a reckless gamble to make them all much wealthier. Then they try to convince us we’re the idiots, by telling us the money wasn’t really there in the first place. This is to prevent us asking where exactly those two trillion dollars of our nest-eggs have actually gone?

The idiots in the White House didn’t even know what to do with the eight-hundred and fifty billion dollars they coerced out of Congress, so they kept it under their beds until fellow-idiot Gordon Brown decided to nationalize British banks with his own tax appropriations.[5] Then they thought, “Oh, that’s a good idea.”

So now they’re going to copy Britain.

This has provided a great ego-boost to Gordon Brown, who’ll likely go down in history as the only British prime minister ever to be listened to by America. It’ll probably make him something of a hero, at least in his own eyes. After all, the stock markets are functioning again, so Gordon’s rescue plan seems to be working.

Well done, Gordon. You were Chancellor of the British Exchequer for ten years before Tony Blair allowed you to become prime minister. For all those years you oversaw the banks and financial institutions of Britain and the world.

What a pity you were idiot enough not to see this crisis looming.

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