In The Eye Of The Beholder (2)

Following intense criticism for my comparison of Vice President Dick Cheney to the dwarf, Gollum, I have been forced to issue an abject apology or be sued for defamation of character. Once again, in these pages, I will repeat how sorry I am for such a grave mistake.

Sorry, Gollum.

In fact, I could be totally wrong, but isn’t Dick Cheney just an older version of Alberich, from Richard Wagner’s “Der Ring des Nibelungen”?


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One Reply to “In The Eye Of The Beholder (2)”

  1. Really, RJ, how could you be so wrong? Gollum was of a line of Hobbit folk, captured in his incipient weakness by the most powerful object in Middle Earth.

    How could you compare him to Cheney? Well… oh yeah…

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