Bore Of The Month

Paris Hilton believes she shouldn’t have to serve her 45 day prison sentence for driving with a suspended license due to an earlier drink/driving offense, because she:

“………provides hope for young people all over the US and the world. She provides beauty and excitement to (most of) our otherwise mundane lives”.

Excuse me?

Paris Hilton is a spoiled, pampered, immature, near brain-dead brat whose only claim to fame is being born stinking rich. If she epitomizes anything, it is the shallow, self-centered, uncaring, sod-off-everybody-I’m-all-right-Jack attitude displayed by many of the wealthier American set to which she belongs.

Personally, I don’t consider her jail term long enough. She was convicted of drunk driving, and should have been locked up for that. Caught a second time for driving without a license, she calmly complains that she knows nothing of such matters and blamed an aide for misinforming her. She promptly fired him.

In fact, Hilton was stopped on the 15th January this year and warned for driving without a license. She signed a paper declaring she understood. On the 27th February she was stopped again for speeding and not using headlights. It was on this occasion she was charged.

Contempt for the law is popular among the stinking rich. It is found in the highest offices of the land, and permeates down through the so-called “upper echelons” of society. It goes hand-in-glove with a sense of superiority over everyone outside of the “elite circle”.

Apparently, Hilton’s mother shouted at the prosecutor, calling him “pathetic”, when the sentence was read out. Earlier, she had laughed at the judge and asked for his autograph. Perhaps it’s something in the genes.

It is possible, assuming wealth doesn’t win the day and overturn Hilton’s sentence on appeal, that 45 days in the company of women a little less well-to-do than herself might just prevail upon Hilton to take a deeper, more meaningful look at her life and where it is leading.

Personally, I doubt it will.

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3 Replies to “Bore Of The Month”

  1. I certainly hope she is required to do the time, but I think the chances of it are slim. Disgusting as it is, she will find some loophole to wiggle out. Who knows, she may cite executive privilege.

  2. Hotle magnates and their broods tend to be a bit unlike you and me. Quite a few years ago a lady, Leona Hemsley is her name, blurted out a memorable utterance, when suggested that her crimes might get her butt in the big house. She said in her uncomprehending bewilderment something like this: “Rich people don’t go to jail, only the poor people go to jail”! Sort of a intimate peek in the mind of a lucky dragon, isn’t it?

  3. PM – executive privilege? She’s probably at the right mental level to be a friend of the Bush’s.

    Pekka – Leona Helmsley, yes, I remember her. She also said, “We don’t pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes.” That was before she was convicted for tax evasion.

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