If They Were Told To Stick Their Fingers In The Fire, They’d Do It

The only winner from yesterday’s mid-term election was Capitalism. A fact that will, no doubt, please many who voted Republican.

How sad is someone who desperately needs affordable healthcare, yet votes to deny it?

I read recently of one “tea-party” supporter who said he wanted the healthcare bill repealed as he “thought it would create healthcare rationing.”

Yes, a real shame if someone else got more than you did.

That person either completely failed to recognize it was already rationed – unavailable to those who can’t afford the grossly overpriced insurance policies – or didn’t care, so long as his health was well covered.

It would have been – he was a defense contractor.

The most depressing aspect of yesterday was how easily human beings can be manipulated to act against their own interests. For that, we should thank the US media. It did a great job on behalf of its corporate owners. Lies travel just as easily over airwaves as does truth.

There’s no doubt Barack Obama must be feeling brassed off this morning. I would be, in his position. After all, he’s the one who inherited the economic black hole from George W Bush and the Republicans. He’s the one who’s worked for two years to drag this country, kicking and screaming, back out of the mire.

Frankly, if I were him I’d get the hell out of it, and tell the American people where they can stick their presidency. Fortunately for the American people, I’m not him.

There’s an old saying that states something about “citizens getting the government they deserve”.

Americans are hellbent on proving it.

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7 Replies to “If They Were Told To Stick Their Fingers In The Fire, They’d Do It”

  1. He’s the one who’s worked for two years to drag this country, kicking and screaming, back out of the mire.

    I wish I could believe this, RJ. I can’t.
    It looks to me, now, as though he was manipulated into the presidency by those who are truly in charge. His campaign was simply “showtime”, then business as usual.

    If I’m wrong, then maybe my original feeling about him was right – that he was too inexperienced to be able to do the difficult job before him. Hillary had the spine and experience – but Obama’s pitch was prettier.

    I still think the first explanation is the right one.

    At the root of it all, as you say, is that capitalism has too firm a hold on the country, and the people don’t seem to care, even when it’s against their interests.
    Blind, dumb – or both.?

  2. Twilight – in fairness to Obama, from the research and reading I’ve done, I’ve concluded that he’s achieved quite a lot in two years, just not all he promised. Much of it has been somewhat ‘watered down’ to get it past the Repubs (as per the Healthcare Bill).
    Personally, I don’t believe Clinton would have achieved as much. Obama’s a lawyer first and foremost. He schemes to get around hurdles, and make small advances, just as he would in a law court.
    His biggest gaff was not publicizing his achievements more. Plus, I’m not sure Obama (or any other Democrat) can stand against the power of the corporates. A power much increased of late, as this election proved.

  3. I’m with T on this one, RJA, he is a great orator. Period. This whole bi-partisan mess gives me the heeby jeebies and I’ve said for a long time now that Palin is the next POTUS. BO is only a bookmark.
    Cynic? Yeah. He showed me that when he (who promised his LGBT voters) refused to repeal DADT. The health care reform is a joke. He is completely in the pocket of Wall Street and seems fixated on praising The Shrub. He is a complete disaster and has not fulfilled any serious hopey changey promises.

  4. I’m glad your post uses the tag dumbasses. It reflects the liberal conceit of your thinking. Like President Obama, you believe the mid-term election results were due to voters’ misunderstanding and fears. In fact, the opposite is true. This historic repudiation of a first-term president isn’t about capitalism versus socialism, republicans versus democrats, or even conservatism versus liberalism. It is about a 25-point swing by the independent voters who elected Obama in 2008, including a majority of women and young voters, who in 2010 elected candidates who campaigned to create jobs and grow the economy with more responsible spending and more prudent tax policy. In addition, exit polls (with the exception of urban areas, especially in NY and CA) clearly reveal that Americans have rejected Obama’s hubris and “we know what’s best for you” attitude, and now consider his promising rhetoric a broken promise. If the newly elected members of the house and senate fail to deliver, they’ll lose their seats too. And that’s how it should be.

  5. WWW – it seems the ladies are ganging up on me on this one 😉

    Seriously, is it not obvious that Obama would have achieved a great deal more had not the Republicans used the filibuster rule in a totally irresponsible manner – the like of which has never been seen before – to block every bill that Obama was elected to pass?

    Wendie Haney‘It reflects the liberal conceit of your thinking’
    and, with respect, your use of the term ‘liberal conceit’ reflects yours.

    Obama inherited the financial mess. George W Bush and his Republican administration created it. That is a historical fact. There are sound fiscal reasons behind the policies of the present administration, policies that would have been much more successful had not Republican states blocked them.

    As to the idea that the Republicans and Tea Party brigade ‘campaigned to create jobs and grow the economy with more responsible spending and more prudent tax policy’, the majority of them, when questioned, have been unable to give any clear explanation of how they might manage it.

  6. Blame Bush? Is that tired and now thoroughly discredited and unsuccessful campaign tactic really the best you got? Let’s talk about the last two years. Where are the jobs? Why is Gitmo still open? Why has a President who campaigned to end the wars he voted against doubled down and developed an addiction to cruise missiles? Here’s a stock tip. Buy Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Northrup Grumman and General Dynamics. When Iran lobs its first nuclear device over Iraq to Israel, you’ll make a killing, pun intended.

  7. Wendie Haney – let’s examine your comment sentence by sentence. Blame Bush? Why not? He instigated the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the former near bankrupting the country, the latter likely to finish the job. And who exactly, other than right-wingers, are discrediting that argument?

    You ask, ‘Where are the jobs? Why is Gitmo still open?’

    Do you really expect a million jobs to be created in the middle of a recession just because of a change of president? Henry VIII of England may have had the power to do it; a US president does not, particularly when at every turn he’s blocked in Congress by the political immaturity and self-interest of right-wing politicians determined to bring him down.

    Those same right-wing politicians stirred up a political hornet’s nest among the states and prevented Obama closing Gitmo on time. “We don’t want terrorists on our doorstep!” was the cry that went up when voters were told Gitmo inmates might end up in their state prisons. Obama suggested a compromise – a super-prison in Illinois. Congress blocked the funding.

    As for ending the Afghanistan war: how mighty would have been the American howl of “Surrender!” had he pulled US troops out of Afghanistan?

    Frankly, I’m as disappointed in Obama’s failures as you are. But I lay the blame for those failures where they belong, not in the lap of a politically hamstrung president who’s not only getting no support from his political enemies in Congress, but is equally as berated by those who put him in office.

    Americans want everything yesterday. When they don’t get it they turn on those they expect to perform the miracles. Thus, they become their own worst enemies. At no time has this been more obvious than on election day 2010.

    Incidentally, armament stocks have been rock solid for the last forty years. Nothing new there, then.

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