Do They Expect Us To Treat Them With Any Respect?

The British government convenes a scientific committee to advise them on illegal drugs, and then sacks the head man for not telling them what they want to hear.

That seems to be par for the course with governments these days.

It was the former Labour Home Secretary, Alan Johnson, who sacked Professor David Nutt from his position as the UK government’s chief drugs adviser back in 2009.[1]

Professor Nutt didn’t take the rebuke lying down. He formed the Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs, determined to research drug problems without interference from politicians with preconceived ideas.

The committee’s report has just been published. It says just about the opposite of what government’s have been telling their citizens for years. It makes a mockery of the so-called “drugs war”.[2]

It’s proof, if any were needed, that politicians brainwash people into believing untruths. Not that that is anything new. Like governments, organized religion has been doing it for years.

Just listen to the incredulity on the BBC’s female anchor, when Professor Nutt explains that alcohol is a worse drug than heroin.

The question here is not whether one drug is more harmful than another. It is the deceit of politicians that needs to be highlighted.

We elect these people to represent us, not to deceive us, a fact that appears to have been conveniently forgotten by those in government in Capitalist countries. They have chosen instead to represent the corporations, to assist them in making fat profits. It’s the corporations that want to continue the “drugs-war”, just as they ‘lobby’ (it’s a more acceptable word than ‘bribe’) politicians to make wars and perpetuate them.

The US Supreme Court has recently designated corporations as ‘individuals’, thus making the political representation process appear even more acceptable.

The sacking of Professor Nutt is symbolic of corruption endemic in Western political circles. Governments no longer appoint experts to advise them what to do, but to tell them what they want to hear.

[1] “Government drug adviser David Nutt sacked” Guardian, October 30th 2009

[2] “Alcohol ‘more harmful than heroin’ says Prof David Nutt” BBC, November 1st 2010

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3 Replies to “Do They Expect Us To Treat Them With Any Respect?”

  1. I’m not clear whether the British Government’s motivation in sacking Prof Nutt was corruption. I put it down at the time to cowardice and I haven’t really shifted that view – indeed the wilful response from the media and politicians to his new report tends rather to strengthen it. To be sure neither is in any way honourable but from the perspective here in Britain, the gutter press (from the Torygraph down to the Star) are both authoritarian and stupid. You might add hypocritical too since I doubt that all their staff are immune to the temptations of exotic chemicals.

    My point is that there is an underlying streak of fear in the establishment that it cannot admit that the whole war on drugs has been both farcical and counter productive or its stupidity and hypocrisy will be obvious. Then add in the puritan morality that anything causing pleasure is wicked and there you have before you in all its glory the total inadequacy of the British boss classes exposed. I doubt it’s different in the USA but you’ll know better than me.

  2. WWW – it would certainly appear that way.

    Richard T – in the USA corporate profit is the motivation behind every political decision. As soon as the Democrats attempt to pass any bill that may cost the corporates, the Republican party steps in and blocks it.

    You’re probably right about cowardice being a factor with UK politicians. They’ve followed the US line on the drugs war for so long, it would be humiliating to admit they’ve been wrong all this time. Having been away from the UK for the best part of a decade, one loses a feel for what’s happening over there. I do note a definite swing towards ‘corporate cosiness’ in the UK, though. It was there under Blair, and I’m sure will only increase under Cameron, with a lot of behind-the-scenes ‘persuasion’ from the US, of course.

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