How Would You Feel?

How would you feel if you knew that your actions had caused the layoffs of over 2,000 construction workers?

How would you feel if your actions prevented millions of your fellow citizens from obtaining much needed unemployment benefits?

How would you feel if your actions had cut the funding to doctors who treated the poor?

I guess you’d feel pretty bad, wouldn’t you? I certainly hope you would.

This man did all these things. Yet he doesn’t feel bad at all.

This man is Senator James Bunning of Kentucky, who single-handedly blocked a bill to finance all of the above.[1]

This man’s face should be etched onto every sidewalk in the land – so Americans throughout the nation can spit on him.

This man’s face should be painted onto every public lavatory bowl in the country – so Americans can urinate and defecate on him.

This man is no American.

[1] “Single US senator freezes unemployment payment” BBC, March 2nd 2010

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4 Replies to “How Would You Feel?”

  1. Good *grief*

    How come one person has the power to do so much damage? Why is he allowed to block it if every other senator supports it? (surely the point of democracy is that the majority gets to decide, not the minority?)

    And has no-one pointed out to him (or is he just too stupid to understand) that if people are in work (or receiving unemployment benefits), that money isn’t just going to disappear (unlike presumably the money that he gets paid for being a senator, which will mainly just sit in a bank account accruing interest and occasionally financing his private jet (I am generalising here. It may be a private yacht)), but those on low incomes *spend* their money, stimulating the economy and creating further jobs!

  2. WWW – an arrogant psychopath.

    Jo – the convoluted intricacies of US power-politics.

    Twilight – you know, the further back one researches the history of US politics the harder it becomes to find any semblance of a ‘reasonable political system’. Apparently, it’s always been hopelessly corrupt.

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