Birthright Israel: Further Down The Slippery Slope

A few days ago I wrote of a problem bothering the Israeli government, viz: the Gentile population of Israel and its surrounding neighbors was swelling, rapidly gaining ground over the Jewish populace.[1]

In an effort to combat that worrying prospect, the Israelis were marketing their nation to young Jewish people around the world, in an attempt to attract more settlers to the country.

Speaking at the 2010 Herzliya Conference in Israel recently, Martin Kramer[2], a research fellow at the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs at Harvard University, suggested a different approach. He called for the West to stop all aid to Palestinian refugees in Gaza as a further step towards preventing them from breeding.

Starving human beings can’t produce lots of offspring.

I jest not:

The Third Reich had a name for this; they called it eugenics. Only, they aimed to weed out of the gene pool ‘the criminal, degenerate, dissident, feeble-minded, homosexual, idle, insane, and weak’.

Kramer’s notion is to curtail the production of young Palestinian males of the age group most likely to join Hamas and other militant, anti-Israel, political organizations.

What’s so alarming about this man’s point of view is not just that he’s lost his ability to view others in the world as human beings like himself. It’s that he’s a high-ranking academic, a research fellow at one of the most prestigious universities on earth. His views are part of a larger contagion that regards the Palestinian people as a sub-species; a doctrine that has remorselessly established itself within the Israeli government since the days of Ben-Gurion.

I ended the previous post with the suggestion that Israel was rapidly becoming the new ‘Third Reich’ of the Middle East. Martin Kramer gives me no reason to doubt the validity of that statement.

[1] “Birthright Israel? But Only If You’re A Jew” Sparrow Chat, February 22nd 2010

[2] Martin Kramer – Wikipedia

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3 Replies to “Birthright Israel: Further Down The Slippery Slope”

  1. Alarming isn’t the word for it, RJA. Loathsome, despicable and horrific more like.
    I know some escaped Palestinians and their stories would make your hair stand on end.
    Why are most people so afraid to stand up to these eugenic bullies?

  2. I am not sure about the nature of this site (strange result on google), but as a European, I can tell you it’s strage for any ME expert to speak on statistics discredited. Those statistics are famous for being made… by the Palestinian Authority. Having said that, Americans always surprise me: Israel is a killer. Great. Waht about all your friends in the ME killing people in and out their countries (Madrid) just like you like petrol? The Saudis killed 3.000 of you and keep a Saudi Embassy in Washington! And you want to teach Europe what? I am no epxert on the field – I do not pretend to either – but I can tell you the future of Israel is guaranteed by the zillions of European Jews leaving this socialist paradise of pro-burka secularism (petro-bribing again). And the only Gentiles I know are those also leaving Eurabia, pardon, Europe, while the European Parliament pays 1.000 euros to every Palestinian because Lybian gas is cheaper then.

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