Here Lies Collateral Damage

The war in Gaza is over. At least, it would seem that way to anyone tuning in to the BBC World News or NBC Nightly News tonight, hoping for some uptodate coverage.

Headlines were all George W Bush, and him daring to admit the “Mission Impossible” banner on the USS Abraham Lincoln was perhaps a mistake. Oh, and he wouldn’t be sitting on a beach somewhere in a wide-brimmed hat and Hawaiian shirt when he leaves the White House, because it’d be no fun now he’s given up the booze.

Still, everyday in office was a joy, which is more than can be said for the dead, the dying, and the bereaved he leaves behind him.

Despite the US and UK media being apparently oblivious to the ongoing slaughter in Gaza, other news sources are less obsessed with this aging war criminal and mentally disturbed bigot reaching the end of his tyrannical reign of power and making feeble excuses to justify his heinous acts.

From the excellent website, “Gorilla’s Guides” comes evidence of white phosphorus used by Israelis on civilians, just as the Americans did during the battle for Fallujah, in Iraq. Use of the substance in this way is barred by the Geneva Conventions, but who gives a tinker’s cuss about those anymore?

I make no apology for the photograph below. It’s sickening, vile, obscene – in fact, it’s every word you can think of that describes the foul depths to which man can sink in his treatment of his fellows. It’s may even be slightly worse than calling a fellow British soldier a “Paki”, though some UK gutter newspapers may not agree.

According to aid workers, this baby was killed in an explosion, then run over by an Israeli tank. It’s what “collateral damage” looks like:


More information is available on the Gorilla’s Guides website (link below)[1], but the caption for this image reads:

A baby retrieved from Attattra, northwestern Gaza, where paramedics estimate 100s of calls to retrieve the injured and the dead have gone ignored due to Israeli troops occupation of the area. Despite Geneva Conventions, medical personnel are not able to reach the wounded, many of whom are critically wounded and will die due to the prevention of medical access. This baby, killed in an explosion, was then run over by an Israeli tank, according to aid workers who eventually retrieved the body.”

Unfortunately, these types of images have little effect on the George Bush’s and Ehud Olmert’s of this planet. They have larger visions, of national pride and conquering the world. You can’t do that without “collateral damage”. It’s why the United States of America deliberately refused to count the civilian casualties they inflicted in Iraq. Better to just bundle them all under the heading, “Collateral damage”.

I wonder if that’s what the parents of this tiny baby will have inscribed on its tombstone:

“Here Lies Collateral Damage – age 18 months”.

[1] “Baby retrieved from Attattra, north-western Gaza” Gorilla’s Guides, January 12th 2009

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5 Replies to “Here Lies Collateral Damage”

  1. It is beyond comprehension, RJA, what people do to each other and innocent children in the name of whatever God they report to.
    I am sickened, disgusted and ashamed of my fellow human beings.

  2. I just wish that we could force the leaders to go to the hospitals and to see what their actions have done. I would be happy for them to see that child in front of their eyes every night when they go to sleep. (I know that I will…)

    But I know that not only will they never see what they have done, they don’t particularly care. Means to an ends…

  3. well, i think the israelis are doing them a favor, they could fucking go apeshit on those arabs the way the united states did on japan and FORCE them into submission completely and totally and then this shit wont happen no more

  4. sumthingsick – something sick is exactly what would happen if they did – a conflagration in the Middle East that would rapidly escalate into a Third World War. Perhaps you’d like that?

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