Here, Boy – Good Boy!

Have you noticed how the Republican presidential nominee, John McCain, has got himself a puppy?

It’s strange, because it’s the same puppy Al Gore selected as his VP in the 2000 election.

How can this be, I hear you ask?


It’s really quite simple. John McCain, mind changer par excellence, needs a similar personage in the form of Joe Lieberman to balance his insecurities.

When McCain blithely extolled the alliance between Iran and al Qaeda recently, it was dear old Joe who whispered in his lug’ole that actually the Iranians were Shia, and al Qaeda one hundred percent Sunni – and never, as they say, the twain shall meet.

Joe Lieberman is a Jew. With a name like that he could hardly be anything else. No great surprise then that he accompanied McCain on a recent visit to Israel.


John McCain isn’t a Jew, though you’d hardly know it from this photograph.

From Israel, McCain headed for the 51st State of the Union and a visit with the governor prime minister, Gordon Brown.

Guess who’s tagging along behind? Oh, no, surely not? Is that really Joseph Lieberman standing beside Gordon?


I do believe it is.

Joe Lieberman was a powerful member of the Democratic party until 2006, when he was beaten in the Connecticut Democratic primary by Ned Lamont. He then went “independent”, which broadly speaking meant he sat on the fence and waited for offers.

Now, it seems, he’s finally got one.

Of course, if that means he’s offered the VP nomination by McCain, he’ll have to jump off the fence and into the opposing camp, but that shouldn’t prove to much of a problem for Lieberman, and having two “bouncy-bouncies” on the Republican ticket will certainly assist the elderly McCain to decide which side of the fence he should really sit on.

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4 Replies to “Here, Boy – Good Boy!”

  1. They’ve always looked like they were separated at birth and McCain doesn’t look quite so elderly when Lieberman poodles him.
    I hope they colour co-ordinate their windsocks. :>)

  2. If I thought for one minute that McCain was going to be elected, I’d be twice as worried as I am already, RJ. Only recently did I say to someone that a US president’s choice of VP has NEVER been more important.

    Why? Because I genuinely do fear for this man Obama. And, I’m not (at all), attempting to be alarmist – I’m being a sincerely honest, realist.

  3. WWW – I’ve read in some quarters that Lieberman is expecting the Secretary of State position in a McCain government. Mitt Romney’s early stepdown to make way for McCain was undoubtedly agreed to on condition of the VP position. Of course, J McC could always renege on that. He’s not renowned for sticking with decisions.

    TOB – be twice as worried. John McCain stands a very good chance of being elected, though it’s far from a ‘done deal’. As for Obama, an assassin’s bullet is a distinct possibility. The Mafia took out Kennedy for pressurizing them, and finding a white ‘redneck’ racist willing to do the deed would not be difficult in this country. There’s plenty would kill to keep a black man out of office.

    HIIJM – I enjoyed your blog. It’s an amusing read.

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