Have We Got Four More Years?

It’s been exactly a week since President Obama was re-elected for another four years, and already it’s started. The will of the majority no longer holds any meaning for American politicians.

Tweedledum and Tweedledee, otherwise Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, have been shouting their mouths off about President Obama’s possible nomination of Susan Rice as Secretary of State, to replace the retiring Hilary Clinton.

Rice is an eminently suitable choice for the post, given her experience as US Ambassador to the UN. The only reason McCain and Graham can give for opposing her nomination is that she ‘misled’ the American people five days after the Benghazi embassy attack. She stated it was likely an escalation of violence, following on from the riots in Cairo that resulted from the anti-Muslim video published on the internet, that had caused the Benghazi incident in which four Americans died.

As the American people have still not been shown any concrete evidence to support the ‘9/11 terrorist attack’ theory, now bandied as ‘fact’ by the media and certain politicians, Sparrow Chat still considers the initial explanation the most plausible.

Perhaps, the date of the Benghazi incident, coinciding with “THAT” anniversary, was just too good an opportunity for certain factions in American politics to miss?

“Keep the War on Terror alive, at all cost, lads!”

Incidentally, the question Lindsey Graham was asking on the Fox News image above, is one he already knew the answer to. The reason so many requests for additional security were denied was because Lindsey Graham and his fellow Republicans had drastically cut the national security budget.

In 2011, Hilary Clinton warned:

The scope of the proposed House cuts is massive. The truth is that cuts of that level will be detrimental to America’s national security.”[1]

Despite Clinton’s remonstrations the cuts went ahead.[2]

Meanwhile, this week, America races towards the ‘fiscal cliff’, while Europe erupts into general strikes and pandemonium as Greeks, Spaniards, and even Germans, give vent to rage and frustration as governments continue to bail out the banks and hand their electorates the bill.

America’s top military brass have finally managed to convince us all they really are human beings by fornicating readily with other men’s wives and girlfriends, while the media make loud, “tut-tutting” noises and use words like ‘sordid’ and ‘tawdry’. Excuse my ignorance, but I always thought that’s what soldiers did? I guess the crime was to be found out.

Climate change finally got a mention on the CBS News tonight, as the national weather service admitted Hurricane Sandy was probably made much worse by the effects of global warming. Even so, the news segment was well peppered with, “possibles”, “mights”, and “maybes”.

I guess the powers-that-be have decided times are right to begin hinting at the possibility that man-made climate change could be real after all. Better to give the masses a bit of warning before all hell breaks loose and civilization as we know it disintegrates totally.

Though, given all the other news this week, can anyone really still have doubt it’s not already happening?

[1] “Secretary Clinton: House Republican budget cuts will endanger national security” Washington Post, February 14th 2011

[2] “Forget Big Bird. What about the Snuffleupagus in the room?” Dana Andrews, Washington Post, October 2012

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  1. Doncha just love the distraction of the rutting general while untold thousands remain unhoused in NY state and their insurance companies deny claims…

    We are all on the brink – see Israel’s attack on Gaza and the massive crowd of protesters in Madrid tonight.


  2. ” Double, double toil and trouble;
    Fire burn, and caldron bubble……..
    ….For a charm of powerful trouble,
    Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.”


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