An ‘Alien’ In America – And Probably Elsewhere

I’ve been an alien for ten years. Ever since I came to America. I used to hate the description, found it demeaning. Now, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

The lack of posting on Sparrow Chat of late has been due partly to pressure of responsibilities elsewhere, but mainly out of frustration -and, it has to be admitted, a degree of disgust – at the apathy of a generation (both American and British) that seems hellbent on personal financial self advancement at the expense of its fellow human beings. The “Fuck you, I’m alright, Jack,” generation is alive and well and living it up while others are homeless, existing in their cars (unheard of ’till I came to America), or blowing their (or others) brains out from desperation of their plight.

While the British do, at least, have a modicum of non-propaganda news in the form of the BBC, which perhaps gives them less of an excuse for this self-centered, grab-it-all, mentality, than the Americans whose media perpetuates the ‘American Dream’ myth 24/7, neither can take pride in being the first generation to leave full-time education with the sole ambition of making pots of money for themselves. Gone are the youthful dreams: “making the world a better place”, “joining the Peace Corps”, or “helping those less well off than myself”. Now, they just stab each other in the back for the prime jobs at Goldman Sachs or J.P.Morgan.

On the subject of American media, one has to marvel at a major news outlet, ABC, on its flagship World News show tonight, sparing valuable program time – amid the crisis in Syria, the Egyptian riots, US universities dropping to 14th in international rankings, all of which it failed to cover – to a precocious eight year old girl getting nipped on the hand by a dolphin at SeaWorld. America waited breathlessly through all the adverts to hear “what the parents had to say about it.”

Don’t bother with the expense of flying a reporter out to the Democratic Republic of Congo to interview the parents of the latest atrocity victim, raped and beheaded by rebel soldiers while the Chinese pillage the country of all its vast mineral wealth to make fucking Ipads for the indolent youth of Britain and America. That same indolent youth isn’t interested in “what the parents of that child had to say about it.” No, they’d rather have some cozy little home-spun yarn involving an all-American sweetie and an overly playful dolphin.

ABC obliged.

And, while we’re at it, the whole western world is simply agog to know where the hell David ‘bore the pants off me’ Beckham is off to next. Is it Monaco, or isn’t it? Will he be having a piss in the next ten minutes? Does he fart while making love to that skinny bint he married?

These are all questions of inexplicable importance to the populace of Western nations. Did you know Lindsay Lohen’s been arrested again today for slapping a woman in a nightclub? I couldn’t bloody well care less if she drops her knickers and shows her arse in Walmart’s window.

What’s the matter with people today? Why do they shut out the important happenings in the world, in favor of the trivial and absurd?

Yesterday, some NFL player shot his girlfriend dead. Then, he drove to the football ground and killed himself. This criminal act resulted in the orphaning of a three month old baby. The media treats him as some sort of fallen hero. Three minutes silence before the football game commenced today in honor of this man. He was a murderer, for God’s sake! He shot and killed another human being in cold blood. Yet, we’re told by the media, “it’s a tragedy” and we have to feel sorry for him. No-one suggested we should feel sympathy and compassion for campus killers, or the guy who shot up the cinema in Colorado recently. But then, they weren’t aspiring football stars.

You know, he can be forgiven for leaving his three month old daughter parentless, but had he persuaded his girlfriend to have an abortion six months ago, they’d probably have lynched him.

I’m so glad I’m not a member of the human race.

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  1. I stopped writing about it all, as you know RJA, it is beyond comprehension how the media treat the real news. Like Iceland. They jailed the bankers and bailed out their people, the exact opposite of other countries including the US. Complete media blackout on this. Of course. Heaven forbid we put hope into the people living in their cars.
    Keeping Usians ignorant is part of the plan. Ipads and Iphones, that’s all that matters.


  2. Superb rant, RJ!

    So, ET – I mean RJ….do you need to “phone home”?

    I neither see/hear news via TV or radio, unless very occasionally on the car radio, or a snippet on TV while waiting for something else to begin. I read it online most days, so am not irritated by tales of the Beckhams, Lohans, etc which can be easily skipped.

    Just last night, though, we accidentally caught the first minute of local news on TV, before crashing heads in haste to find the remote to switch off. The report was about two murders over the weekend, in a city 30 miles from us, bringing year’s total there to 10 – and the fact that one more murder this year would make it a record year. We said, almost in unison – somebody is talking about that as a challenge – right now. 🙁

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