Guns Save Lives – But Not In Kentucky

I lost track of the times I’ve posted articles on the theme of gun ownership in America, and the immature and irresponsible laxity of those responsible for gun regulations. Anyone who cares to type the phrase ‘guns save lives’ – the motto of the infamous National Rifle Association – into Sparrow Chat’s search box will find a host of them.

Most relate to horrific acts of violence leading to death and mutilation, but none, perhaps, so bizarre as the latest shootings reported from a trailer park in Kentucky.

47-year old Stanley Neace shot and killed five members of his family and neighbors, then waited an hour until the police arrived (one has to wonder what kept them!) before turning the gun on himself.

From the BBC:

He chased his wife into a neighbouring trailer where he shot her, her daughter and three witnesses, reports say.

State troopers found Mr Neace dead at the porch of his trailer, slumped over his own gun.

Mr Neace flew into a rage when his wife Sandra, 54, brought him some eggs for breakfast, a relative of the neighbours he killed said.

Mrs Neace’s daughter Sandra Strong, 28, was also killed.[1]

Apparently, Neace exacted his terrible revenge for no other reason than his breakfast eggs were cold.

[1] “Six dead after US breakfast killing spree in Kentucky” BBC, September 12th 2010

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4 Replies to “Guns Save Lives – But Not In Kentucky”

  1. Another instance of the craziness that is the 21st century US of A.

    I hate to joke about tragedy, but sometimes it’s the only way to get past this stuff:

    State troopers found Mr Neace dead at the porch of his trailer, slumped over his own gun.

    Not slumped “over-easy” like his eggs, I guess……and he was definitely missing a porch light himself.

  2. What struck me forcibly, RJA, were the incredibly awful surroundings in that trailer park. And the sad trailers, falling down, windows boarded up, immeasurable poverty. With the standard infestation of satellites bringing them all non-stop pictures of a lifestyle and glamour they could never hope to attain.

    Homicidal/suicidal rage? I totally get it.

    It was never about the eggs.


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