It should be one of the saddest days of the year. It should be a day for nations everywhere to reach out their arms, enfolding them around America in an embrace of comfort, mercy, understanding, and deep love.

It should be a day for joining with America in remembering the horror, sharing the grief, uniting in comradeship.

It should be a day for the whole world to link arms and re-avow its commitment to common humanity.

But it isn’t.

Because of America’s response to 9/11/2001; because, since that date, the US has committed horrors infinitely more despicable than the attacks of 9/11; because the revenge, the bloodletting, that followed those attacks was so appalling it threw the acts of 9/11/2001 into shadow; because, since 9/11/2001, America has made inhumanity acceptable, and humanity cowardly; because of all these things – and more……

……this date of 9/11 has become a monstrosity. A day best forgotten. A day to feel, not sadness, but guilt at what the human race has become.

History will not remember 9/11 for what occurred on that day. In the years ahead, when all who are now alive are long dead, the story of 9/11/2001 will serve as a mere footnote to the vile and ugly period of human history that followed it; the innocents who died on that day metamorphosed to a cold, dispassioned, statistic.

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6 Replies to “9/11”

  1. I do not remember the Towers anymore, I remember the terrifying monster that has grown out of it whose insatiable thirst for torture, massacre and genocide continues unchecked.

  2. Well said but a very sad commentary on what we have become. Talk about missed opportunities! We had the world’s support and blew it away. Even 9 years later and with different players we have yet to learn.

    I am glad I’m old and will not be here to see how bad it will become.

  3. I agree RJ – but with the additional thought that the day will remain the saddest of the year for those who lost loved ones on 9 Sept 2001. For that reason, and out of respect only, I posted a little memorial image as part of my today’s post.

  4. I suspect Koran and Mosque events were plotted by neo-cons in order to overshadow truth-seeking movements.
    Sadly they seem to be successful.

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