“God” Buys Time On CNN.

I turned on CNN this morning, tadalafil which is not what I normally would do. It was just going to sponsored advertising at the time.

The first advert was:

“CNN Newsroom is brought to you by the people of the United Methodist Church”, prescription followed by an advertisement for the said religious establishment.

The UMC is spending $2, pharmacy 000,000 on this advertising campaign. That would feed a lot of homeless people this Christmas.

Apparently, this has been going on for sometime. I wonder what Jesus would say?

This nation grows sicker by the day.

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2 Replies to ““God” Buys Time On CNN.”

  1. I will give the Methodists this – they are declining to be a host the the Bush Preziduncial library and that is supposedly his church of choice. Good hoot on that one. Their Bishops have all sent a signed letter protesting the war, so I gave them another point or two. I’ve seen ads from other church denominations as well. They are losing population faster than they can pay their bills – no taxes, of course.

  2. PM – I could understand the evangelicals doing this sort of thing. Apart from other factors, they have the cash to spare – but the Methodists. I agree they are more moderate than most. One wonders where their declining population is going?

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