Go Away, America! Come Back When You’ve Grown Up.

Albert Einstein

Once again the U.S. Senate fails to pass legislation restricting gun ownership in America, despite the worst mass shooting in U.S. history last week, in Orlando Florida, when fifty people were killed and large numbers wounded.[1]

The U.S. government is a disgrace to the country it’s supposed to serve, but let’s be frank the American people continue to vote for them, and keep them in power, despite protestations from would-be gun control proponents.

Not only is the U.S. government a disgrace to it’s nation, it’s a disgrace to the rest of the world it purports to lead. The behaviour of this, and past, administrations has led to the violence, terrorism, death and suffering presently being experienced throughout the planet. American empire-building, it’s virtual annexation of much of the Middle East over the last five decades, has not only failed miserably to produce anything positive, but gave birth to al Qaeda, Islamic State, and many of the other Islamic extremist factions targeting the West today.

America pretends to cloak it’s warmongering activities under the guise of “spreading democracy”. This is a downright lie. What the U.S. is attempting to do, and failing utterly – but at an incalculable cost in human lives – is spread Americanism by annihilating the various cultures that have formed over thousands of years on this planet.

If the warmongers of the Pentagon had their way the world would be covered in U.S. trade mark companies churning out the same old boring stuff of which America is composed today. The cultural identities of once separate nations would be replaced by a capitalist carpet of tat, and its government would control the world, under the auspices of corpocracy.

If America is a prime example of democracy, then God help democracy. The only democratic thing in America today is the name of one of its totally un-democratic political parties. The United States is a plutocracy. Its voting system is a sham, made more obvious by the latest ‘bring on the clowns’ exhibition laughingly called the, ‘presidential election’.

It’s plain to see what this once proud and dignified nation has become, yet world leaders still doff their caps in mock deference to its presidents, and look the other way as U.S. drones kill innocent kids in Pakistan, just as they did over the U.S. war crimes in Iraq, the renditions and barbaric acts of torture carried out in the name of ‘enduring freedom’.

Isn’t it time this warmongering, violent, country – whose people worship their weapons of mass murder, and whose government daily commits war crimes that would see any other national leader hauled before the International Criminal Court – is shunned by the world community?

Why do we in the West continue to suffer the backlash from American war crimes? The United States makes much of not giving a damn about how the rest of the world sees it. Isn’t it about time we put that to the test and said enough is enough?

Maybe one European statesman is of a similar opinion. Only this week, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, warned NATO [read: America] about warmongering in the Baltic:

…What we should not do now, however, is further inflame the situation with loud sabre-rattling and war cries. Anyone who believes that symbolic tank parades on the Alliance’s eastern border will increase security is wrong. We would be well advised not to deliver up any excuses for a new, old confrontation.

It would be fatal now to focus exclusively on military aspects and to look for salvation solely from a policy of deterrence. After all, history teaches us that, alongside the common will to ensure defence readiness, there must always also be a readiness to engage in dialogue and cooperation. And that is why we also need to talk more with our partners again about the benefits of disarmament and arms control for security in Europe…

…Over 70 years of peace in Europe, at least without a major war on European soil, are our most valuable treasure.

For my part, I will do all I can to ensure that it is not placed in jeopardy. Our maxim must be this: as much security as necessary, and as much dialogue and cooperation as possible.”[2]

America showed its contempt for such talk by its silence on the subject.

Let them play with their automatic weapons. Let them play war games with the military they think so highly of, despite that military committing gross atrocities everywhere it stamps its boots.

But leave the rest of us the hell out of it. It’s time the people of Europe told their leaders we don’t need the United States anymore. It’s an embarrassment.

Go away, America. Come back when you’ve grown up.

[1] “Senate fails to pass new gun control restrictions in wake of Orlando shooting” Guardian, June 20th 2016

[2] “Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier on relations between NATO and Russia” German Federal Foriegn Office, June 19th 2016

3 Replies to “Go Away, America! Come Back When You’ve Grown Up.”

  1. Standing ovation, RJ!

    It has been said – I don’t recall by whom originally, but I’ve said it myself in the past – the USA is, compared to Britain and most of the countries of Europe, still an adolescent in “nation years”. At best the country is in those highly obnoxious teen years in this, the 21st century. 🙁

  2. We call it the toddler to the South of us. The sit in tonight should be interesting. But we watch in awe from where we stand as it implodes. Good on ya for escaping the madness.

  3. Twilight – very true, though judging from the news in Britain this week it seems that some nations just never seem to grow up.

    WWW – The ‘sit-in’ reminded me of a bunch of kindergarden kids left too long to their own devices. Sadly, I haven’t escaped madness – just swapped one madness for another – the British “Brexit”!

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