Britain, You’ll Get What You Deserve


A deep-seated reminiscence of Empire, dismay at the way the country is being run, fear of foreigners, a strong desire for change at home, are just some of the reasons the British voted by a narrow majority to leave the European Union.

These, and others, may be legitimate feelings of discontent, but none of them is down to membership of the E.U., which has today become a scapegoat for the failings of the U.K. government. Both major parties in Britain, just as in America, have for decades used fear to rule, and it was fear that prompted many in the U.K. to vote “Leave” yesterday.

The result will be uncertainty for years to come. The British pound has already sunk to its lowest level against the dollar since 1985, and the FTSE is following suit. There’s chaos in the markets and things are expected to get worse:

“This is simply unprecedented, the pound has fallen off a cliff and the FTSE is now following suit,” said Dennis de Jong, managing director of
“Britain’s EU referendum has been a cloud hanging over the global economy for the past few months and that cloud has got very dark this morning.
“The markets despise uncertainty, yet that is exactly what they’re faced with this morning. The shockwaves are likely to reverberate for some time and the warning lights are flashing brighter now than ever.”[1]

It’s a dark day for Britain, and even though at this moment they’re celebrating, it’s equally dark for the 17,410,742 fools who were taken in by power-hungry politicians spouting lie after lie, whose only thought for the future is the expansion of their own careers.

Today, Sparrow Chat feels deeply ashamed to be British. This writer had hoped for more common sense from his fellow countrymen. The idiot, Cameron, has been hoist by his own, short-term, petard – no more than he deserves – and has opened the door for even more right-wing opponents to gain power.

It’s a sad day for Britain, but as the comedian Ricky Gervais said of Donald Trump recently, “America, you get what you deserve.” The result of yesterday’s referendum in Britain means the British are about to get what they deserve.

They’ll likely live to rue it.

“Shares and pound plunge on Leave vote” BBC, June 24th 2016

PostScript: From the Guardian today:

The US presidential hopeful Donald Trump has said it is a “great thing” that the people of the UK have “taken back their country”.

He made the remarks as he touched down at his Trump Turnberry golf resort in Scotland. Interesting timing.

If ever there was a corroboration that Britain’s decision is a grave mistake, it is this man endorsing it.

2 Replies to “Britain, You’ll Get What You Deserve”

  1. I share your despair about our fellow-countrymen RJ. From what I can gather the major factor in the “leave” voters’ minds was the immigration situation, and loss of jobs to immigrants from Europe. It’s hard for us, who’ve been away so long, to know exactly what the situation is.

    I note that my two favourite English cities, Manchester and Leeds, both voted “remain” – Leeds narrowly, but amid a sea of “leave”.

    What have they done? I suspect remorse will follow.

    I saw a Tweet this morning based on the final scene of Planet of the Apes, where Charlton Heston screams, when seeing Statue of Liberty broken half buried on the beach:


    A bit hyper for this case but same kind of thing. :-/

  2. Twilight – I remember the scene. Perhaps not as hyper as you think. Europe, and particularly Britain, is reeling from this result. Apparently, the power-grabbers of Johnson, Gove, and Ian Duncan Smith never wanted the out vote to win, they just wanted to push the vote to the wire in order to force a Cameron resignation (Johnson is favourite to succeed him). Unfortunately, they forced it over the wire. Cameron will resign but refuses to negotiate the pull-out, leaving them to clear up the mess with Europe, which was the last thing they wanted. (This from Alastair Campbell, whom I despise, but he does have his finger on the British political pulse, so we can assume he knows what he’s talking about).

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