Divine Pine?

Carried in a British newspaper is the tale of Craig O’Connor, furniture maker, of Pennsylvania, who found Jesus in a tree trunk.[1]

Being an ardent Christian church-goer, Mister O’Connor immediately recognized it as a “sign from God” and tried to flog it on eBay.

Sadly, he was only able to enthuse his bidders to the tune of $500, so he decided to keep it himself and incorporate it into a piece of furniture.


Personally, I’d have snatched the $500.

[1] The Sun Newspaper.

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10 Replies to “Divine Pine?”

  1. Gee, there’s even a halo around Jesus’ head. It’s a really big one, but how could you doubt that the Lord has made Himself known to the world once more. It may be another sign of the end days.

    Getting $500 for a log is a good price. He definitely should have taken it.

  2. I absolutely ADORE how these divine images are always flogged for the highest price.
    I mean a true believer would set up an a la Lourdes shrine with candles and crutches surely?

  3. This is a remarkable pice of art made by God him self how could any one put a price on this one of a kind picture. Nature made by the creator. Every one should take a closer look and say a prayer

  4. Al – yes, I know – Doubting RJ – I’m bound for the Fiery Lake.

    Flimsy – it’s a parody for modern day America; until recently, offspring were expected to be worth more than the parents, but not anymore. That’s obviously Jesus’ message – his reason for being in the tree trunk.

    As for the other blasphemous link, there’s no such place as Huddlesfield in the UK. It’s all a filthy, neocon plot to make us Brits appear stupid.

    WWW – you could set up a shrine (with crutches) around a wooden block. You couldn’t do that with Flimsy’s grilled cheese Mary very easily. The mice would probably eat it in the night.

    You do understand they only sell these things to give the money to the poor – don’t you?

    TOB – you must be really sick to come up with a joke like that! 😉

    (Seriously, I do hope you’re feeling better after your sojourn with the great British Health Service.)

  5. George – I’m not quite sure why your IP sends me straight to MyrtleBeachOnline.com but I’m glad it did. I just loved this little piece by Jan Igoe:

    “Rare rock hurled by God … Make offer”

    Personally, I think this ‘art’ resulted more from pine sap, than God’s indulgent creativity while idling away a few minutes – but, each to their own.

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