Can They Be Serious?

I know it’s a great American tradition but, can they be serious? The George W Bush Presidential Library? Is this the guy who sat reading, “My Little Goat”, upside-down, during the 9/11 attacks?

Are we talking the same person who bragged he’d managed to read Camus’s, “The Stranger” by the time he was fifty-seven? It is, after all, required reading in most secondary schools.

His Library? What’s he going to put in it? The complete works of Dr Seuss and Thomas the Tank Engine?

And the choice of position could have been better – the Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas?[1]

I always thought that was where they assassinated presidents, not honored them.

It’s one of God’s universities, of course, which is good given that George W Bush has devoted his presidency to doing God’s will: slaughtering pagan Iraqis, overseeing torture and rape, denying global warming in the sure knowledge it was the beginning of the End Times……etc, etc, etc…

In a letter to SMU, George W Bush wrote:[2]

““I look forward to the day when both the general public and scholars come and explore the important and challenging issues our nation has faced during my presidency—from economic and homeland security to fighting terrorism and promoting freedom and democracy.”

Although the Iraqis penned it slightly differently:[3]

“By giving a veneer of academic respectability to torture, rape, looting, hostage taking, bribery, corruption, child killing, using chemical weapons, using starvation of entire civilian populations as a weapon, denying water to entire civilian populations as a weapon, internment of children, collective punishment of entire civilian populations, bombing civilian populations (see: collective punishment of entire civilian populations,) bombing hospitals, bombing schools, looting of museums, destruction of libraries, making academics and teachers particular targets, ditto doctors and nurses, running death squads, open viciousness, blatant racism, and naked greed…..the Center’s resources and programs will be invaluable to national and international researchers and scholars, including those at SMU.”

Come to think of it – I couldn’t have put it better myself.

[1] SMU Dallas.

[2] White House letter.

[3] Gorilla’s Guides – George W Bush Presidential Library.

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6 Replies to “Can They Be Serious?”

  1. If I remember right, Georgie the Second stopped public access to his dad’s papers. I suppose the most active machine in the Bush’s library will be a shredder. They call these places libraries but they are really just museums for Presidential crap – calling them a library makes them sound more worthwhile. From what I gather, they are funded by private monies, although I think the maintanence is paid by the taxpayer.

    One of my peeves is that ex-presidents don’t just become regular citizens after they are out of office.

  2. Flimsy – ‘museums for presidential crap’ is probably an apt description. George W Bush’s library should have bars on the window, and be part of a cell block with him in it.

    I don’t believe their egos could ever allow them to become ‘regular citizens’ again.

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