Brexit, Twitter, And The Hate-Peddlers Who Swung The Vote

If there’s one thing we can thank Twitter for it’s how well it highlights just how many morons, loonies, and general hatemongers are out there, waiting to pounce on anyone who dares to hold opposing views to them.

But, can they be blamed, when certain public peddlers of lies and vitriol, which have the effrontery to still call themselves ‘newspapers’, emblazon their front pages with this sort of rubbish:


This was the front page output of two of these porno-pushers following a judgement by the U.K. High Court stating that Article 50, to commence withdrawal from the E.U., could only be triggered with the consent of parliament.

From the BBC:

Meanwhile, Gina Miller, the investment manager and philanthropist who led the legal campaign, has said she plans to report online trolls to police after receiving rape and death threats.
She told BBC Radio 5 live that other abuse included people telling her “I’m not even human, I’m a primate, I belong in a kitchen – that’s the nicest of some of them. It is unbelievable.
“I am really cross at the politicians and the media who are whipping this up because they are the ones inciting racism and violence and acrimony.”

These so-called “trolls”, who use their anonymity to vent hatred and spread fear, aren’t just a small band of right-wing, fascist, nutters. They’re a large section of the general populace who are incapable of thinking for themselves, or holding any opinion other than those they’ve gleaned from the gutter press, or the shadier parts of the internet.

That these people exist in such large numbers proves beyond doubt the ineffectuality of referenda as a method of determining a correct course of action in any political situation. This is why we elect political representatives to make these decisions for us. David Cameron’s decision not to allow the British parliament to decide whether the U.K. should remain in the E.U., was tantamount to Pontius Pilate washing his hands and letting the people decide the fate of Jesus of Nazareth – and we all know how that turned out!

The British parliament must realise that there are Brits so badly educated, so immature, and so politically ignorant, that they can’t be trusted to make any properly thought out decision on the future of the nation. It was their votes that swung the Brexit decision.

If Theresa May had any backbone at all she would allow a free vote in parliament and let MPs decide whether the result of the “advisory referendum” should be adhered to, or whether it was in Britain’s best interests to remain a part of the European Community.

Sadly, that won’t happen because May and her cronies have other, hidden, agendas. But given the collapse of the U.K. currency, forecasts of 4% inflation by next year, rising prices across the board, and numerous other negative factors in the pipeline, the ‘best interests’ question has already been fully answered.

“PM urged to calm the backlash against Brexit ruling” BBC, November 5th 2016

2 Replies to “Brexit, Twitter, And The Hate-Peddlers Who Swung The Vote”

  1. So right, RJ, so right you are! I was quite relieved the other day when I read the court’s decision. The currency exchange pound to dollar took a wee step up too (not far, but better for my pensions than going even further down). An appeal is in the works (of course!) These developments might slow things down some, maybe even enough for other stuff to happen – stuff which might change “hearts and minds”. Hope springs! 🙂

  2. Twilight – the future’s bleak. Unlike the U.S., Britain still has a largely incorruptible judiciary, but one can only wonder how long that situation will continue. We all know how the U.S. Supreme Court bowed to corporate pressure over ‘Citizens United’. It’ll be interesting to see how the U.K.’s Supreme Court handles this one when May’s team put their appeal. Of course, a decision in favour of the government won’t necessarily indicate corruption, providing the ruling is legally legitimate and can be proved so, (which it certainly wasn’t in the ‘Citizens United’ case), but May seems very certain the High Court ruling will be overturned on appeal, which gives cause to wonder why she’s so sure. Of course, she could just be putting on a brave face.

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