Blinded By The Light

The latest in state-of-the-art microscopes has just been opened in Oxfordshire, England. It is the Diamond Light Source synchroton:


According to the BBC’s science department:

“The vast machine, which covers the area of five football pitches, generates intense light beams to probe matter down to the molecular and atomic scale…………Within the machine, which is sometimes described as a “super microscope”, electrons are accelerated into a thin, doughnut-shaped vacuum chamber, which measures 562.6m (1,846ft) in circumference. As the particles whizz around and around, almost reaching the speed of light, they lose energy in the form of synchrotron light. This intense light, which falls in the range of x-ray, ultra-violet and infra-red, is then channelled off into beamlines, where it passes through samples of material, probing deep into their fine-structure.”

A truly amazing invention.

In maybe eight or ten thousand years, after global warming has wiped most of us out and only a few survivors of homo sapiens remain, it will look like this:


and those who see it will decide it was originally a religious gathering place.

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