Beware The Ego Convinced Of Its Divine Righteousness

The perpetrators of 9/11 believed what they were doing on that day was right, because they were absolutely certain they were dispensing the will of God.

In Volume One, Chapter Two, of his book, Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler wrote:

I believe today that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator.”

For years following the Second World War, Christian historians attempted to portray the German Fuhrer as an atheistic, devil-worshipping, satanist who led an evil force against the Christian God and all He represented.

Nothing was further from the truth. Indeed, Mein Kampf is filled with religious utterances and claims of Christian faith, as were many of Hitler’s speeches.

If we had any doubts beforehand, then the events of September 11th 2001, must surely have reinforced the conclusion that the most dangerous individuals in the world are those suffering from a misplaced belief they are acting on behalf of a divine Creator.

Indeed, tracing the history of warfare, and violence against populations, it’s hard to discover one involved ruler or leader who wasn’t convinced he was either acting on behalf of a God, or that he was God.

George W Bush was just such a leader, but thankfully his reign has ended.

So, one would think, has this man’s……


……but, apparently not, judging by a speech he made today at the Annual Prayer Breakfast in Washington. A speech in which he used the word, “God,” thirty-one times.[1]

This is a man who helped slaughter countless innocent human beings, who admitted to deceiving the British people over his religious faith while in office – denying it as adroitly as any Judas Iscariot, assisted George W Bush in the extraordinary rendition and torture of prisoners, and like his trans-Atlantic counterpart, brought the country he purported to lead to its knees, both morally and economically.

Addressing US President Barack Obama:

Now, also, we should be as steadfast with you in the hard work, as we were in the celebration…… Sir, we offer you our friendship today. We will work with you to make your presidency one that shapes our destiny to the credit of America and the world.”

Tony Blair, today, represents no-one but himself. In the above extract he used the word “we” on four occasions. Of whom was he speaking? To whom was he referring?

Tony Blair no longer has a mandate to speak for the British people.

Or, does he, perhaps, believe he has a mandate from God?

[1] “Blair hails ‘God’s love’ in extraordinary speech….. “ Daily Mail, February 5th 2009

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3 Replies to “Beware The Ego Convinced Of Its Divine Righteousness”

  1. Perhaps he was using the Royal “we”, RJ?
    😉 We are not amused!

    Prayer breakfast? I reckon their time could be used much more productively in the present climate. Where does separation of church and state come in? There should be no such thing as a prayer breakfast linked to government. Bah humbug!!!

  2. Twilight – the Royal “we”, or the Divine “we”, I wonder?

    Separation of church and state? I think that idea suffered serious ill-health even in the days of George Washington. It recovered slightly under Thomas Jefferson, then relapsed until partially revived by Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Jackson. It was then murdered and trampled into the earth by succeeding presidents right up to the present day.
    There has never been a distinct separation of church and state in this country. It is just another of those ephemeral ideals, like the American Dream.

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