American Men Are Just Not Sexy Enough

They don’t actually say American men are crap lovers. Not in so many words, that is. What they say, is that they’d be happy to do without sex for fifteen months in return for a new wardrobe of clothes.

Who are they? One thousand women spread among ten US cities. Two percent said they’d be happy to abstain for three years!

A survey of 18 to 54 year olds by the Unilever corporation revealed nearly half the women considered their favorite article of clothing gave them more confidence, and made them feel sexier, than did their man. The survey also showed that the average woman had hung onto her favorite item of clothing for longer than her longest relationship.

This has to be a very sad indictment of American men. It seems the macho – “leave the bitch at home and go hunting” brigade – are not considered by their women to be anything near as sexy as they view themselves.

Perhaps, that’s the problem.

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule – a few Kathleen Harris’s still exist:


…….to be inflamed at the caliber of Dick Cheney’s shotgun……..

But, by and large, women prefer wooing, to being left stewing, while their men are off doing the things, like canoing, that bond them to soulmates of the strictly male variety.

I do know one American woman who could never be persuaded that a new wardrobe was preferable to a good night’s loving – but she’s married to a Brit!

More on the survey HERE.

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