A Role Model For The Chosen People?

While the subject of the previous post (see below) can be forgiven his basic stupidity, there is another who revels in exhibiting a cold and calculating attitude towards anyone remotely critical of the Israeli state. He is Australian, intelligent, obviously ambitious, was once a prominent member of the Socialist-Zionist youth movement, Ichud Habonim,[1] and is in Sparrow Chat’s opinion, a perfect example of the worst form of Israeli Jew.


Mark Regev is Olmert’s frontman. It’s his face you’ll see staring back at you whenever the media have questions about Israeli actions. It’s his sneer that dominates the screen as he wriggles and twists his way around journalists’ questions.

Regev, from his actions and responses, makes clear he considers himself superior to any Palestinian, or indeed, any Arab, particularly if they dare to criticize the actions of the Israeli government. He’s made a career out of dodging tough questions and parrying criticism of his political masters.

Frankly, with US pressmen, his job is seldom difficult. Thankfully, we still have British journalists like Alex Thomson (January 8th 2009):

Mark Regev – a role model for the Chosen People?

Elohei Avraham is welcome to him.

[1] “Habonim Dror Australia – history”

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2 Replies to “A Role Model For The Chosen People?”

  1. Good for Alex in not playing poodle to this man’s condoning of the most appalling atrocities.
    The news is so slanted out of there, RJA, and I’m ashamed to say that even Canada, with our neocon Prime Minister, will not condemn Israel.
    It is shameful.

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