A Magical Christmas To All

The US ‘War on Christmas’ is rumbling on for yet another year. As in bygone Christmases it’s fueled largely by the media, as though they haven’t enough bad news to bring us in this so-called ‘festive season’, without resorting to the defamation of a great human festival.

Perhaps if everyone accepted that Christmas, despite its name, is not a uniquely religious festival, there’d be less enthusiasm for ditching it in favor of ‘Happy Holidays’.

Ugh! Happy Holidays. How dreadfully ‘American’.

Christmas (December 25th) was a date purloined by early Christians to celebrate the unknown birthdate of Jesus. Prior to that it was a pagan festival.

As a consequence, in nations with large Christian populations, the date has gradually become regarded as an entirely Christian festival. That’s fine, but it’s still perfectly in order for non-Christians, pagans, and atheists to celebrate Christmas in their own way, and for their own reasons.

For the writer, Christmas is the most special time of year. It has nothing whatever to do with a divinity I choose not to believe in. The magic of Christmas stems from childhood, when Christmas ‘Peace and Goodwill’ abounded throughout the world. Even in the Great War, we were told, Christmas Day was respected as a truce, and enemies put up their weapons and played football together.[1] Whether more than a grain of truth existed within that story is debatable, but it gave hope that what might be achieved on one day of the year could eventually become the norm on the other three hundred and sixty-four.

It has yet to happen, of course. Indeed, we seem to have moved rapidly in the opposite direction. Materialism abounds, ‘Love thy neighbor’ relates only to wife swapping with the couple next door, and in America, at least, there’ll be more shops open on Christmas Day than are closed.

This year will celebrate my sixty-fifth Christmas. I haven’t enjoyed them all equally, but they have all been special to me. No matter where I am, or who I am with, the magic of Christmas refuses to go away. Why? Because the true meaning of Christmas can’t be found at the office party or in the shopping mall. It’s carried in the heart. I discovered many years ago that magic doesn’t emanate from a god, or from a wizard. It comes from within.

We manufacture our own magic. The magic of Christmas is no exception. If we have it in our hearts, then it matters not whether we are Christian, Muslim, Jew, or atheist. The magic of Christmas can be just as wonderful for all.

I hope all Sparrow Chat readers will enjoy that magic this Christmas.

A Very Magical Christmas To You.

[1] “The Christmas Truce” FirstWorldWar.com

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  1. In Japan Christmas is generally regarded as a day to eat a cake with no mention about Jesus. But children are truly enjoying special cakes.

  2. Thanks for that, R.J. and yes…’magic doesn’t emanate from a god, or from a wizard. It comes from within.’

    So, a magical Christmas to you and Mrs R.J. in your winter wonderland.

    George and Anna

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